Lost In His Emerald Eyes

ONce a girl named Bryn moved from Nevada to New York. Her new high school, Tampa Bay, was full of bratty popular kids. Taya, the most popualr and bratty girl, stole Bryn's schedule and map. Bryn was running around the halls looking for a map. She ran into someone, and dropped all her books. She bent down to pick them up and saw a boy's hand helping her. She looked up to see the mystery man's face and got lost in the most beautiful emerald eyes...


1. Chapter One

Bryn's POV

I feel as if I am in a trance; I am looking into the most beautiful pair of eyes I have ever seen. The boy chuckles and looks away. I realize what I was doing and blush violently. He looks back at me and stands up, then helps me up. He hands me the books I dropped, and I say "Uh, thanks." God I'm awkward. He says, "My name is Harry, Harry Styles. And your name is...?" His voice trails off, hinting for my name. "Bryn, Bryn Anderson. Sorry about that, I'm pretty clumsy." I say. He smiles. "It's fine! So what's your first period?" I reply, "I'm not so sure, it's my first day here and someone took my map of the school and my schedule." "Why don't you walk with me to my first period? Maybe my teacher can help you." He offers, and I accept. We walk in silence for several moments. Then Harry asks, "Where did you move here from?" "Nevada..." I answer, with a hint of annoyance in my voice. "Yikes," he says, "so you've traveled a long way huh." "You have no idea."




We make it to Harry's first period and Harry goes up to the teacher and says, "Ms. Thornet, my friend here, it's her first day here and her map and schedule were stolen and she doesn't know where her first period is." "Oh! What is your name dear?" Hesitantly, I say, "Bryn Anderson." Ms. Thornet looks at her computer screen for a moment, then says, "Ah, here we are! Your first period is here! And here is a copy you schedule and map. Put it in a safe place, okay?" I nod my head and smile. I go and sit down in the only empty seat; which is next to Harry. I begin to daydream about Harry, his eyes are warm and kind, his hair is a dark caramel color, and his lips are a light pink color. I began to look over at him; when I noticed he was already looking at me.

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