Lost In His Emerald Eyes

ONce a girl named Bryn moved from Nevada to New York. Her new high school, Tampa Bay, was full of bratty popular kids. Taya, the most popualr and bratty girl, stole Bryn's schedule and map. Bryn was running around the halls looking for a map. She ran into someone, and dropped all her books. She bent down to pick them up and saw a boy's hand helping her. She looked up to see the mystery man's face and got lost in the most beautiful emerald eyes...


5. Chapter Five

Louis's POV

"Those bitches will pay!" I say as I sit down in the drivers seat of the car. Harry sits down in the passenger seat with Bryn in his arms. "More then pay." says Harry, with a very serious look on his face. "Do you think they took her virginity back there? I mean we caught Blondie trying to get inside her." I ask him. He looks out the window, thinking for a minute. "I don't know. I hope they didn't. The real question is, where is she going to go tonight? I mean we don't know where she lives, and we can't just leave alone." says Harry, worry in voice. "Just have her stay at your house tonight. We don't have school tomorrow anyways." I reply. Harry stares at me like I'm crazy. "We can just use her phone to text her mom saying that she's at a sleepover with her friend, and then you can drop her off tomorrow morning when she's awake and capable of giving directions." I say. Harry nods his head. I take him and Bryn to his house. After Harry is out the car, I roll down the window and say, "Take good care of her, I know you love her." And with that I roll up the window and drive off.


Harry's POV

I stand on the sidewalk for a minute, thinking about what Louis said. Is it that obvious? I look down at her, but I can't see much. I turn around and take her inside; carrying her bridal style. I walk through the front door and I see Mom in the kitchen "Hi Honey!" she says without looking at me. She turned around and saw me holding Bryn. She was very taken aback. "What happened?!" She walked over to me and looks at Bryn. "These guys had handcuffed her to a bed and were forcing her to have sex with them. They knocked her out when Louis and I kicked open the door. We took care of the guys but they put her clothes somewhere, so Louis gave her his sweatshirt to cover her up." Mom had her mouth wide open. "Go set her down in your room, I'll get the first aid kit. I nodded my head and set her down on my bed. A few seconds later Mom came back with the first aid kit. "Mom, let me take care of her." Mom looked at me for a moment. "This is the girl you were telling me about, the girl you said you liked." I looked at Bryn. "Yeah, it is." Mom gave me a slight smile and left the room. I sat down on the bed next to her. I saw blood on her cheek, eye, and the bridge of her nose. She was abused badly. I take a cleansing towelette and brush it lightly over the wounds on her face. After that, I put some Neosporin on them, a long with a bandage. I look at the rest of ther body. Is there any other wounds? As if on cue, i see blood on her wrists. The handcuffs were too tight. I wipe them off with the cleansing towelette, and then put Neosporin on them. Instead of a bandage, I put wrap around both her wrists. I scan her body again. I see blood running down her thigh, and a lot of it. It's far up her thigh, and I don't want her to wake up and know that I touched her that far up. But I have to. It's a lot of blood. I begin to pull the sweatshirt up a bit and realized it wasn't coming from her thigh. I have to do this. I take off the sweatshirt and try to find the wound. I remember, Zayn was fingering her. It's coming from the inside. I kneel down and look inside. I can't see the wound. I look a little more, then find it. What do I use to clean it? To help It heal? What about to cover it up? I'll Just do what I did with the other wounds. I wiped it with the towelette, then put on Neosporin. I didn't put a bandage on though. I put her sweatshirt back on and go in the kitchen. "Where should I sleep?" I ask my mom. She replied, "With her of course! Who cares if you sleep in the same bed. She needs comfort." I'm a bit shocked about her answer, but it makes sense. I nod and go back to my room.

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