Story Of My Life

Teagan Cox and Hayley Brown are best friends. One day they get a surprise that changes everything. Secrets come out and love establishes. To find out more read Story of My Life.


1. Who we are.

Meet Hayley

Name: Hayley Elizabeth Brown
Height: 5'5" 
Hair Color: Brownish, reddish with a blonde tint. Side bangs and long. 
Eye Color: Brown 
Siblings: Elizabeth Mae Brown
Favorite Band: One Direction. 
Bestfriend(s): Teagan &' Olivia. 
Pets: Husky- Alaska
Parents: Vanessa and Joseph Brown 
Age: 17

Meet Teagan 

Name: Teagan Anne Cox
Height: 5'5"
Hair Color: Brown 
Eye color: bluish green. 
Siblings: None. 
Favorite band: One Direction 
Bestfriend(s): Hayley &' Olivia. 
Pets: None. 
Parents: Anne Cox and Neil Davis
Age: 17

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