Story Of My Life

Teagan Cox and Hayley Brown are best friends. One day they get a surprise that changes everything. Secrets come out and love establishes. To find out more read Story of My Life.


3. Chapter Two

Teagan's POV

This morning I woke up and didn't recognize where I was. I jumped out if bed and then realized where I was I was living with my brother and his best friends. My brother is Harry Styles...I'm still in shock about that though. I thought about yesterday and how I just talked to everyone and acted like I've known them forever. I haven't talked to my mom in three months yet I come here and talk to everyone. I thought about that and why I was the way I was for three months. I sat back on my bed and started to cry. I cried for a few minutes and went downstairs. Everyone was already up even Hayley. 
"Hey Teagan are you hungry?" Harry asked. 
"Yes!" I said walking into the kitchen. Hayley just laughed at me. "What?"
"Nothing the fact that you get so excited over food!" She laughed. 
"Um it's food! What wouldn't I?" I said everyone laughed and Niall high fived me. I sat down with everyone and ate breakfast I really didn't talk unless someone talked to me first. Niall was always talking to me though or looking at me. I saw out of the corner of my eye Harry glaring at Niall. What is that about? Maybe Hayley will know I'll ask her later. 
"So do you girls want to go to the movies today?" Harry asked. 
"Yes!" Me and Hayley both said. We both ran upstairs to get ready. I took a quick shower and then went to my room to pick my outfit out. I chose white short shorts, a black tank top with the top being a little see through and a pair of black sandals with a small flower on them. I wore my hair down natural so it was curly. I put on a little make up and grabbed my phone and went downstairs to meet everyone. Everyone was ready except Hayley she was still upstairs. 
"Hurry up Hayley!" I yelled I heard her run downstairs. I saw her out fit it was so cute. She was wearing navy blue strapless top with white polka dots and a bow on it, she wore peach short shorts, white sandals and a peach pearl necklace. 
"I love your outfit!" We both said at the same time. Then laughed. The boys all just looks at us. 
"Okay let's go now!" Harry says. We all went out to the car. We drove to the movies and the boys wouldn't tell us what movie we were seeing. We got to the movie theater and we still didn't know what we were seeing.
"Can we have seven tickets to Paranormal Activity 5 please?" Harry asked. Shit what hell no!
"Um no please can we watch another movie?!" I asked. 
"Yea look Frozen is out that looks like a much better movie!" Hayley said. The boys laughed.
"You guys are afraid of horror movies aren't you?" Harry asked laughing. We both just nodded. 
"Oh well we already got the tickets so... We are seeing Paranormal Activity." Harry said.
"Uh please no! Do you want to see your sister cry her eyes out at the movies?" I asked. 
"You are not that scared are you?" He asked. 
"Umm yes and Hayley is the same way."I said and Hayley nodded her head. The boys just laughed. 
"You'll be fine. Now lets get food before Niall complains and before the movie starts." Liam said. We all agreed we got a lot of food, well candy but still. We walked in the theater and we sat right in the middle of the screen so basically everything that popped out was right at us. We all decided our seats. It was Harry, Hayley,Liam,Zayn, Louis, Niall, then me. I wanted to sit next to Hayley but I have a crush on Niall so I can deal with this. Throughout the whole movie I was in Niall's chest. Then the end was coming and it didn't seem too bad. So I looked up and right as I did the kid ran out with his eyes black and fangs basically coming out of his mouth. He got to the camera and basically killed his friend! Then the girl from the first two movies. I screamed all the boys looked at me and even Hayley looked at me. We walked out of the theater and Hayley hit my arm. 
"You scared me more than the movie I wasn't looking at the screen until you screamed and then I jumped because you screamed!" She said. 
"Sorry you know I hate scary movies!" I said. Everyone laughed. 
"Is that why you were hiding in Niall's chest all movie?" Louis asked. I just blushed and looked at the ground. Niall was looking at the ground to. Harry just looked at me and Niall...great he's going to probably be really overprotective. He didn't say anything we just kept walking. We decided to play some of the games that were in the lobby. I didn't want to and neither did Niall so we just sat and watched everyone. When they were done we walked around LA for a little while. Everyone wanted to go into a store but I didn't so Niall decided to stay with me. Hayley turned around as she walked in the store and smirked. We will be having a talk later I know she will make me. 
"So you want to go get ice cream?" Niall asked. 
"Sure!" I said. We walked to a ice cream place and got what we wanted and sat at a table. 
"So is it cool finding out you have a brother?" Niall's asked. 
"Yea I guess. It's kinda weird though like I just met him and now I'm living with him." I said he just nodded. 
"I bet. We thought we were going to meet you when we went to see your mom." He said.
"When did you go see my mom?" I asked. 
"When you went on vacation with Hayley. Your mom said that Hayley knew and that's why you went on vacation for that long." He said but as soon as he said that he covered his mouth. 
"Wait what!? Hayley knew!" I almost yelled. 
"Shit. Umm yes but don't tell anyone you know. I wasn't suppose to tell you..." He said looking at the ground. 
"Don't worry Niall I won't tell anyone. I just won't talk to Hayley!" I smirked. 
"Teagan you really think that's the best idea?" He asked looking back up at me. I shrugged. 
"Eh whatever I can just say it was a joke if she starts to get upset!" I laughed. 
"Whatever you say..." He laughed then my phone went off saying I had a text. It was from Harry. 
Harry: where are you I thought you were staying outside the store?
Me:with Niall...
Harry: no duh. Where?
Me:um ice cream place. 
Harry:of course that's where you guys are! Be there soon. 
"Everyone's coming now. They finished shopping." I said. Niall nodded and continued to eat his ice cream. Then he looked up at me. 
"Remember don't say anything. Harry will kill me!" He said. 
"I won't! And I'm just going to ignore Hayley anyway so if she says anything tell her it's a joke." I said he nodded. Then everyone walked in. 
"Hey Tea!" Hayley said skipping over to me. I just waved. She looked at me weird. "So what did you do while we shopped?" What that's such a dumb questions. I took a spoon full of ice cream and put it in my mouth. She started to look upset. 
"Tea why won't you talk to me?" She asked looking worried. I just shrugged.
"I'll explain when we get home..." Niall said he looked guilty why he doesn't have to I'll talk to her. Everyone just looked at him. Harry gave him a weird look. We all walked out of the ice cream place and got mobbed by the paparazzi. I was next to Niall and he put his arm around my shoulder and told me to stay close. I just nodded and put my head down. I don't want people to see me... My dad doesn't need to know where I am. I looked up quick and saw Harry had his arm around Hayley, they would be cute together. We all got to the car and I texted Niall. 
Me:you don't have to tell them that you told me... Just say it was a joke. 
Niall:it's fine i can tell them. 
Me:no it's fine just tell them it was a joke. I'm not mad my mom probably told Hayley not to tell me so I shouldn't be mad. Just say it was a joke...
Niall:ok. Now Harry won't kill me! :) 
Me: yup! Lol :) 
I looked up from. My phone and Hayley just looked upset that I wouldn't talk to her. I had to I felt horrible it wasn't her fault she didn't tell me. 
"Hayley what did you get at the store?!" I asked. She looked at me shocked. 
"Umm a dress and a shirt. It's really cute you would like them!" She smiled. 
"Cool! Show me when we get home?" I asked, she nodded. 
"So Niall why wasn't Teagan talking to Hayley?" Zayn asked.
"Oh it was a joke! She told me it was a joke and she wasn't going to talk to her until she got home. But Hayley looked to upset so Teagan talked to her now." Niall lied. Good I don't want him to get in trouble. 
"Oh.. Okay wow Tea that's nice!" Hayley laughed. I just smiled and laughed. We all got home and went to the living room and watched tv. After a while Hayley's phone went off it was Izzy! 
"Tea it's Izzy!" Hayley yelled and smiled. 
"Let's go! Girl talk my room now!!" I yelled and we ran up the stairs all the boys looked lost. We got to my room and jumped on my bed. 
***PHONE CALL***(H-Hayley M-Me I-Izzy) 
H&M: hey izzy! 
I: hey! How awe you? 
H:great! You? 
I:good! I saw pictures of you and one direction!! 
H:you did when?
I:I'm looking now! I just saw them!
M:really? That's cool! 
I:Tea awe you dating Niall? 
H:well not yet Iz she will be soon! (She tried not to laugh.)
M:no Iz he doesn't like me like that. We will not be dating soon. (Hayley just rolled her eyes them we heard izzy scream) 
I: Hayley! You promised Hawwy was mine!! 
H: he is don't worry. There were a lot of people and he just wanted to make sure I didn't get hurt. (We heard laughing outside my door... Me and Hayley both looked at each other.) 
I: good cause he's mine! 
M:hey izzy you want to talk to one direction? 
I:yes!! She screamed. 
H: okay I'll call you back when we get them all together. Bye Iz!
***end of phone call*** 
We both looked at each other and went to the door. I opened it and Niall and Harry fell over each other trying to get away from the door. 
"Can we help you?" I asked crossing my arms. 
"Um uh no! Sorry we were racing each other down hallway." Niall said. Harry face palmed. 
"Okay Niall..." I laughed. 
"Um would you guys mind talking to Izzy. I kind of told her I could have you talk to her." Hayley asked.
"Yea let's go downstairs and we can all talk to her!" Harry said. Hayley nodded and started to walk downstairs with Harry. 
"I'll be down in a minute." Niall said. I started to walk but he grabbed my arm. "Can I talk to you?" He asked. 
"Yea." I said walking into my room. I sat on the bed and Niall sat across from me. 
"So um you know when you were talking to Hayley's sister and you said that I would never like you why would you think that?" He asked. I just looked at my hands in my lap. 
"Well you have millions of girls falling for you. Why would you choose me. I mean look at me you could do so much better." I said still looking at my hands. 
"Well I think that's not true. I like you Teagan like a lot. I know we just met but still I already really like you." He said as he lifted my head to look at him. 
"Really?" I asked looking at him. 
"Yes really." He said I could feel my cheeks start to blush. "So I take it you like me to?" He said smiling. 
"Maybe." I said smiling. He laughed. He leaned in and put his lips on mine. I was shocked at first but then kissed back. When he pulled away he just smiled at me and I did the same. 
"Come on let's go down stairs before they think some thing is going on with us." He laughed and grabbed my hands and pulled me up. He held on to one of my hands as we walked downstairs. We got to the living room and we were still holding hands. Everyone looked at us and Hayley smirked. They weren't on the phone anymore so Hayley of course made a comment. 
"I knew it! I knew they would date soon!" She yelled.
"Hayley we aren't dating yet...calm down." Niall said. I just laughed. 
"I don't care! It's close enough! I was right! I told you Teagan!" She said laughing. I just rolled my eyes and sat down next to Niall and Zayn. 
"Niall please don't hurt my sister she's been through a lot..." Harry said. I just looked at him and his eyes went wide realizing what he just said. 
"Who the hell told you?!" I said. He just looked at the ground. Shit he knows and now I will have to tell everyone else. 

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