Story Of My Life

Teagan Cox and Hayley Brown are best friends. One day they get a surprise that changes everything. Secrets come out and love establishes. To find out more read Story of My Life.


4. Chapter Three

Hayley's POV

"Who the hell told you!?" Teagan said. Harry looked at the ground. I just looked normal. 
"Um.. Erm. Mom told me." Harry said. Teagan looked at me. 
"Hayley?" She asked. 
"What?" I said. 
"Did you tell Harry?" She asked. 
"No. You told me not to, I wouldn't do that." I said. 
"Look me in the eyes and tell me. Swear on Izzy." Teagan said. 
"I- can't do that Tea." I said. 
"Because you told him." 
"He's your brother Tea, he has a right to know. Don't you think? And I didn't tell him what you think I did." 
"I can't believe you. You know how I feel about this."
"Oh my god Teagan you are acting like it's the end of the world! I'm sorry I told your brother that your father abused you! I get it you've been through hell, but you use it as a sympathy card to get attention! I love you Tea, youre like my sister but damn let it go you aren't with him anymore! It's all done now!" 
"Attention? Are you fucking kidding me? Sorry little miss perfect life." 
"Perfect life? That's hilarious. Yeah I have a sister and two parents that love me, but you have a mom, a brother and a sister that love you Tea. You're dad is a dick big deal. You of all people should know, my life is not perfect. I just don't carry my pain with me wherever I go. I actually live my life unlike you. You keep everything sheltered inside and stop talking. You can't keep fucking doing that! See? Attention." 
" Yours was some guy in a damn alley! Not your father! The guy you are supposed to trust the most did it to me!"
"He didn't do it! Are you kidding me!? He did it to me! You were close! I have to deal with that for the rest of my life! You can forget about it if you really wanted to!" 
"What do you mean? A guy in an alley?" Harry asked.
"Nothing." I said.
"Looks whose quiet now." Teagan said. 
"About that? Of course I fucking am! But you get quiet whenever someone think about your dad! It pisses me off because it seems like you shut down YOU CANT FUCKING DO THAT! Tell people you're damn problems and they will help you!" 
"I would at least tell you if you had a brother or another sister." Teagan said
"Who told you?" Zayn asked. Niall looked to the ground. 
"So say my mom called you and said don't tell Hayley but she has another sister or brother you're telling me you would disobey my mom and tell me? That's hard to believe." 
"You know what? I'm done. Why are you even here? I met my brother and obviously you don't give two shits about me anymore so why not just leave?" 
"Is that what you want? Because if it is then fine I'm gone, but if I leave I'm not coming back. And I hope nothing happens because if it does I'm not going to be here anymore. Tell someone else your issues unless you decide to go quiet again." 
"I want you to leave." Teagan said. 
"Good I miss Izzy anyways. She means more to me than you do."  I walked upstairs and Teagan walked into her room. I started packing all of my clothes when someone walked in. 
"Are you seriously leaving?" Harry asked. I nodded.
"She doesn't want me here. There is no point of staying." 
"What happened to you in an alley?" He asked. I sighed. 
"Do you really want to know? If I do tell you, you can't tell anyone."
"You can trust me." Harry said.
"I don't know.." 
"Hayley please." 
"Well during the summer, the one that just passed Teagan, Olivia and I were all walking around. It was probably 8:30. Olivia  and Teagan wanted to go into this store I didn't so I waited outside. I was on my phone when this random guy.. Basically pulled me into the nearby alley and.. Raped me. He did it then left. Teagan and Olivia came out looking for me, they found me in the alley and took me home. My parents called the police and they couldn't find him. He's still out there. I haven't gone walking around and if I do I stay with friends and go in wherever they want. I can't be alone outside. I get creeped out easily." I said. 
"Are you serious? I'm so sorry." 
"Theres nothing anyone can do about it now. It's been done and over with." I shrugged. 
"You really shouldn't leave." Harry said.
"I need to." I packed everything with Harry's help and walked downstairs. I hugged the boys goodbye and they said they would take me to the airport. Teagan and Niall didn't come down. We walked out and was about to get in the car when Teagan ran out. 
"Don't leave. Please. I was overreacting. I didn't mean anything I said and I don't want you to go." Teagan said. 
"Teagan, I don't know. We both said some pretty messed up things. Maybe it would be good if I left. And I told Harry about the alley." I said. Teagan just gave me a hug. 
"Just stay please." I nodded. The guys all ran inside. I walked in and sat on the couch. 
"What happened in the alley?" Louis asked. I told them the story and they freaked out. I think the part that made them the most mad is that he is still out there and isn't in jail. Liam looked confused still. 
"When you guys were fighting you said mine was my dad yours was a random guy in an alley. What did you mean by mine?" Liam asked. I looked at Teagan. She looked at all the boys. 
"Umm my dad had tried raping me.. The first time I stopped talking for a month and the most recent I stopped talking for 3, until I met you guys." She said. 
"what do you mean tried?" Niall said. 
"Niall he tried to rape her, but never succeeded because she would always find a way to get him to go away and not try anymore. He's tried twice." I said. 
"If I ever see him, I'm going to kill the living shit out of him." Harry said. 
"Oh I'll help you." I said. Harry chuckled a little. After that I went up to my room. Harry came in. We were talking when my phone went off. It was Izzy. I answered and put it on speaker.
Me: Hey baby girl. 
Izzy: Sissy... 
Me: Hey, what's wrong? 
Izzy: Mommy and Daddy awe fighting again..
Me: Again?
Izzy: they've been fighting a lot. 
Me: okay, well when they fight stay in your room or my room and don't come out until they are done.and use my iPod and listen to music okay?
Izzy: okay. Awe Niall and Tea dating? The pictures make it look like dey awe.
Me: they will be reallllyyyy soon. 
Izzy: Thank god! Tea hasn't had a boyfwend in foweva. 
Harry and I laughed. 
Izzy: Is that Harry Styles!?
Me: yes Elizabeth that is Harry Styles. 
Izzy: don't call me Elizabeth! 
Harry: Hello Izzy. 
Izzy: Hi Harry! Can you tell Sissy to stop being annoying? 
Harry: of course! Hayley stop being annoying!! 
Izzy: Haha sissy you HAVE to listen to Harry Styles. 
Harry: yeah Hayley you have to listen to me! 
Izzy: sissy when are you coming home? 
Me: in a month.
Izzy: Is that a long time?
Me: Nope only 4 weeks. 
Izzy: is tea coming back too?
Me: only for a little bit then she has to leave. 
Izzy: okay. Mommy and daddy stopped I have to go bye sissy! Love you. 
Me: love you too. If they fight again call me. 
Izzy: okay bye sissy. 
Harry and I talked more and decided to go downstairs. I really want to watch the vow. We were about half way down the stairs when I started running. 
"Tea tea tea tea tea!" I yelled. I ran over to her and ended up falling. Teagan looked worried. 
"What's wrong!?" She asked. 
"Can you come watch the vow with me?" I asked sweetly. 
"No!" She said. I pouted. 
"I'll watch the vow I guess.." Harry said. Everyone looked at him. I jumped up and grabbed his arm and pulled him upstairs. We got to my room and he put the movie in. I got under the covers. It got to the part where she got into the car accident. All of a sudden I heard Harry yawn and then I felt his arm go around me. I laughed. 
"If you wanted to put your arm around me, all you had to do was ask." I said. I heard him chuckled. I moved closer to him. All of a sudden my eyes started growing heavy. I rested my head on Harry's shoulder and he put his head on top of mine. I fell asleep with Harry. I hope this isn't the last time. 

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