Story Of My Life

Teagan Cox and Hayley Brown are best friends. One day they get a surprise that changes everything. Secrets come out and love establishes. To find out more read Story of My Life.


7. Chapter Six

Teagans POV
Last night we came to London with Izzy. It was late so Niall brought me upstairs and showed me where my room was. He told me that they had to go to an interview and asked is I wanted to go and I agreed. We talked for a while then we both ended up falling asleep all cuddled up. I woke up this morning to hear the guys talking well more like yelling. 
"Niall where are you? You have to get ready for the interview!!" I heard Liam yell. 
"Where could he be? We looked everywhere where he usually is!" Harry said. I felt Niall start to move so I'm guessing he's waking up. I was still listening to them try and find him. Did they not think to look in his girlfriends room? 
"Morning." Niall said rolling over to face me. 
"Morning!" I said smiling trying not to laugh at the guys. They were still looking for Niall. 
"Are they seriously looking for me? Have they not thought to come in here... this would be one of the first places I would look." He said laughing. 
"Nope. None of them have even said a thing about looking in here." I laughed along with him. He just shook his head and then gave me a kiss. I kissed back and then the door opened. Wow great timing guys! Me and Niall both looked at the door and saw Louis standing there smirking. We all new what was coming next.
"GUYS I FOUND HIM!!!!" He yelled. I was expecting the he's in your sisters room Harry! Or I found him kissing your sister Harry just to try and annoy me and get a reaction out of Harry, but wow no. I just laughed at him and so did Niall. 
"Where?" We heard everyone yell and come down the hallway. Oh here goes the answer. 
"In your sisters room Harry kissing her!" Louis yelled. I laughed and so did Niall. It didn't bother either of us. They all come over to the door and I was still laughing. 
"It took you guys long enough!" I laughed. 
"What?" Zayn asked.
"You guys looking for me. You said you looked everywhere I normally would be. Wouldn't you think to look in my girlfriends room?" He laughed. All the guys just looked down at the ground. 
"I don't know how we didn't think of that!" Hayley said. 
"Wow and I get made fun of for being dumb!" I laughed. Everyone just laughed and the left so I could get ready. Hayley came in a few minutes later with so we could get ready together. We got Izzy then got ourselves ready. Once we were done we went downstairs and left for the interview. We met Paul and Lou and Lux. Lux and Izzy were so cute they played together then the boys went on for the interview and we stayed backstage and watched. 
Interviewer: Hi guys so how are all of you doing?
Interviewer:So is it nice to be back home in London?
Zayn:Yes we missed it. 
Interviewer:So Harry, Niall is it true that you two are now dating someone?
Harry:Yes it is.
Niall: Yes. 
Interviewer: And who might these girls be? (A picture of me and Niall came up and then one of Harry and Hayley.)
Niall:Well I'm dating  Teagan. 
Harry: And I'm with Hayley. 
Interviewer: So Niall how did you guys meet. 
Niall: Um well Harry why don't you answer this question. (He knew that Harry would want to announce that I'm his sister.)
Harry: Well Teagan is my younger sister. We just met a month ago after our mom thought it would be a good time for us to. And well when we met her best friend Hayley with her, and i guess the rest you can figure out.
Interviewer: That's great! But is it weird just meeting your younger sister and now she's with your best mate? (All the guys looked at him we never talked about it so it should be interesting to see what he says.)
Harry:Um not really. I mean its weird to like walk in a room and see them kiss and stuff but I mean I'm not going to stop them from dating if their happy. (I could see Niall start to blush when he said the whole thing about walking in a room and us kissing. The boys all laughed at that.)
Interviewer: Well that's good and I'm sure Teagan feels the same way about you and her best friend. (All the guys laughed so did Harry.) So who is this adorable little girl that got off the plane with all of you and was seen with you today. (A picture of Izzy with all of us came up.)
Louis: That is Izzy, Hayley's little sister. She is living with us for a while. (Everyone awwwed. All the boys smiled.) 
Interviewer: Well thats all the questions so now time for your song right?
Guys: Yup
Interviewer: So what song will you be singing.
Liam: Midnight Memories. 
Interviewer: All right you heard him. Here's One Direction singing their new song Midnight Memories. 
The boys performed their song and said good bye to the audience and the interviewer and came off stage. Harry went over and gave Hayley a hug and Niall did the same to me. I looked over and saw Harry give Hayley a quick kiss. 
"Eww guys it's sooo weird seeing my best friend kiss my brother!!" I said mocking Harry from what he said early. Everyone laughed. Luckly Izzy was still playing with Lux so she isn't freaking out over it I feel like she would. 
"Oh shut up. At least your not watching a younger sister." He laughed so did I and everyone else. 
"It's still weird..." I said. Everyone just laughed. 
"Haha think of when Izzy get a boyfriend and has her first kiss how weird will that be!" I laughed. 
"Can we not think of that it does seem weird seeing people kiss is just weird and I don't want to think about my three year old sister kissing someone." Hayley said laughing. Izzy came running over after that. We all laughed. 
"Hey Izzy whats up!" Harry asked. 
"Playing with Lux." She said smiling. "Sissy can we go to the pawk?" She asked smiling up at Hayley. 
"Um I don't know ask one of the boys." Hayley said. 
"Louis can we go to the pawk??" Izzy asked with puppy dog eyes it was so cute. 
"Of course we can! I love the park!!" Louis said picking Izzy up. 
"Guys we just got done the interview people know we are out do you think thats the best idea?" Liam said. Izzy looked so sad. 
"Izzy ask Liam just like you asked me." Lou said. We all laughed knowing he wouldn't say no to her with that face she makes. 
"Liam can we pleeaaaassssseeee go to the pawk and play???" Izzy asked with her puppy dog face. 
"Of course Izzy!" Liam said. We all laughed and Louis acted more excited than she did. We all went to the park and played with Izzy. We all were talking and watching Izzy play with this little boy in the sand pit. I started to laugh and everyone looked at me confused. 
"What's so funny?" Zayn asked confused. 
"The conversation we had earlier about Izzy and now she's playing with a little boy. I know nothing will happen it's just funny to think about." I said while laughing. Everyone else did to. You know that cute thing that little kids do when they hold hands to go somewhere the little boy grabbed Izzy hand and they walked over to the swing set.
"Oh look how cute they are holding hands now! Think maybe when she's older she'll come here with a boyfriend and walk around holding hands! How cute would that be?" I laughed. 
"That would be so cute!!" Hayley said. 
"She doesn't need a boyfriend! She's perfectly cute without one!" Louis said. All the boys nodded in agreement. Me and Hayley laughed. 
"Are some people a little worried about little Izzy?" Hayley asked. I was laughing. 
"Maybe. She's just to cute for a boyfriend!" Harry said. Me and Hayley were laughing at the boys making a big deal over Izzy. It started to get late so we told Izzy it was time to leave. She was so cute she said bye to the little boy then they hugged. All the boys looked at them and me and Hayley laughed. 
"Hayley she's like you when you were younger!" I laughed. 
"And you!" She laughed. Izzy came running over. 
"Guys I made a new fwiend!!" She said. 
"Really who?" I asked. 
"His name is Jacob and he's 3 like me!" She said. 
"That's good!" I laughed still thinking about the conversation with the boys. So help her when she's older and has a boyfriend with those five around!
"He says he comes to the pawk evewyday after lunch! Can we come to the pawk aftew lunch?" She asked.
"Maybe not everyday but we can sometimes." Harry said. Izzy smiled. 
"Good!" She said making everyone laugh. We all went back home and we made fun of the boys and being overprotective already. We watched movies and played games with Izzy. Then they brought up a subject that I didn't want to think about and I think Hayley agrees...SCHOOL! 
"So Mom said that you have to finish your senior year and you are too Hayley so we are going to homeschool you!" Harry said.
"Eww can't we just tell mom we took the classes and all that and not do it at all I hate school!" I said. 
"No you have to Mom said that you would not want to but you have to..." He said.
"But you guys are teaching us. Won't we learn barely anything? I mean all of you couldn't even figure out Niall was in his girlfriends room this morning after looking everywhere but there." I laughed and so did Niall at that comment. 
"Very funny but you have to. You start next week." Harry said. 
"You do realize that you then have to grade papers right? Who would want all that work!" Hayley said now trying to get out of it to. 
"There's five of us we can all teach you... it cant be that hard." Louis said. Me and Hayley gave up on the subject and we all watched tv and played Disney Princess Dress Up with Izzy and she made all the boys play to that was great, but we couldn't get any pictures the boys took our phones before they got dressed up. It was getting late so we all decided to go to bed. Niall decided we would talk again so we would end up falling asleep together again. 
"Goodnight babe." He said giving me a kiss. He pulled away and I started to laugh. "What?" 
"I just thought about what Harry said about seeing his little sister kiss his best friend and its weird to think he's seen us kiss." I laughed again. 
"Well he can't see us now so it won't be." He laughed and gave me another kiss. 
"Goodnight Teagan." He said pulling me close to him. 
"Goodnight Niall." I said before falling asleep with my head on his chest and his arms wrapped around me. 

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