Story Of My Life

Teagan Cox and Hayley Brown are best friends. One day they get a surprise that changes everything. Secrets come out and love establishes. To find out more read Story of My Life.


2. Chapter One

Hayley's POV 

Today was the last day of junior year! I'm so happy. My bestfriend Teagan and I went to my house. We live in Orlando, Florida. Teagan hasn't been talking since three months ago her father tried something. She talks to me and Olivia, but only says a couple words to her mom. She only talks at my house because of Elizabeth my three year old sister. Of course I named her 3 years ago. My parents asked me and I said Elizabeth after me and they were okay with it. I absolutely adore her. We walked in and I heard someone yell. 
"SISSYYYYY!!!" I heard little footsteps quickly running towards me. She jumped in my arms. 
"Hey babygirl." I said. I kissed her cheek. Alaska my baby husky decided to start jumping on my legs. 
"Hey Izzy." Teagan said. She tickled her stomach a little. Izzy started doing her cute little giggle. I put her down and Teagan and I sat on the couches. My parents came out. 
"Hey girls." My dad said. 
"Hi dad!" I said. Tegan waved and said a small hi. Izzy ran down and sat on my lap. 
"Sissy guess what!?" 
"What babygirl?" I said. 
"I'm going to marry Harry styles!" She said. I laughed.
"Lucky girl. I wish I could marry Harry styles! I guess the other four will just have to do for me." I said. Teagan laughed. 
"You can have Liam sissy. He's very nice." She said. 
"That's very generous of you izzy." I said. My phone started going off my ringtone was 'Burn' by Ellie Goulding. I answered. 
Me: Hello?
Anne: you and Teagan need to come to my house now. There is something important I need to tell you both 
Me: okay we will be there in 2 minutes. 
"Teagan we need to go to your house. Your mom has something for us I guess." I said. She nodded. I said goodbye to Izzy and my parents and we headed over to Teagans. Once we got there we walked in and sat on the couch. 
"You guys are going to LA. Here are your tickets. Teagan you have a surprise. Call this number when you get there. I love you have fun. I'll miss you Hayley you can stay wherever it is all summer but after that your mom said you need to come home for school." Teagans mom said getting straight to the point. We got all packed and said bye to our parents. Now the hard part Izzy. I walked over to her. She looked at me with tears in her eyes. 
"Are you weaving me?" She asked. I bent down to her size. 
"No of course not! Just for a few weeks okay? I'll be back soon. Call me every night before you go to bed. Okay? I love you baby girl and I'll miss you tons." I said. She hugged me. 
"Okay. I wuv you too." She said. I kissed her forehead and she kissed my cheek. Then Teagan and I went to the airport. We got on the plane and we were both excited but also scared. Once the plane landed in LA we called the number. The person told us to go to baggage and we will see him. We got to baggage and saw Harry Styles.. Umm what? He walked over to us. 
"Hi. I'm Harry. Teagans brother." He said. I looked between the two of them. They actually so kind of look alike. This is freaky. She was confused. 
"My.. Brother?" She said. He nodded. 
"We have the same mom but different fathers." He said. She just nodded. We got our baggage and went to the car. We got to the house and met the boys. I noticed that Harry kept looking at me. Teagan was talking to all of them like nothing happened. Harry showed us to the room. He showed Teagan's hers first. Once I got to mine my phone went off. I saw it was Teagan and Harry's mom. 
Me: Hey Anne. 
Anne: Hi Hayley. How is everything? How is she doing?
Me: Everything is fine, and she is doing a lot better, she is talking and everything. Like nothin happened before.
Anne: good that's what I was hoping for. Did they tell Teagan she was moving to London? 
Me: Yup. She's excited to get a new start and won't have to worry about.. That anymore.
Anne: good. Well I'll talk to you after. Bye. 
Me: Bye. 
"Was that my mom?" Harry asked. 
"Yeah she wanted to make sure everything was all set." I said. 
"What did you mean by she's talking and she won't have to worry about that anymore?" He asked. Shit. I closed my door and sat on my bed. 
"If I tell you, you have to promise you won't tell anyone not Teagan not the boys no one." I said. 
"I promise." He said. 
"I'm not supposed to tell you this, the only reason I know is because Teagan told me exactly when it happened. Well her dad.. Um abused her. Like bad. She didn't talk for months after. She only started talking to me and our friend Olivia  until a few weeks ago. It happened 3 months ago. That's why I was so surprised she was talking to all of you so fast. She has a lot of trust issues because of him. The things he did is unbearable. I can't believe a father could do anything like that to his daughter. They went to court and he has a restraining order now. Teagan had to testify against her father, it was really hard on her and that's why Anne sent her out here probably so she doesn't have to deal with this anymore." I said. 
"Are you serious?" He asked. 
"100%." I said. He sighed. 
"Thanks for telling me Hayley." I nodded. Once we finished talking I walked downstairs and saw Teagan chatting away. I haven't seen her this happy in forever. I sat next to Teagan and Harry sat next to me. He accidentally touched my leg. I felt electricity run through my body. Oh lord what's going on? We were all getting to know each other when my phone went off again. It was Izzy. Teagan looked at my phone and smiled. I answered. 
Me: Hello? 
Izzy: Sissy!! 
Me: Hi babygirl how are you doing? 
Izzy: I'm sad because I miss you. 
Me: I miss you too. What are you doing right now?
Izzy: getting ready to go to na night. 
Me: Are you wearing your one direction Pjs I bought you? 
Izzy: OF COURSE! They are my favorite! Remember sissy Harry Styles is mine! You can have Liam or Niall or Louis or Zayn! 
Me: of course Izzy. Harry Styles is yours. 
Izzy: Night sissy I wuv you and miss you. 
Me: I love you and miss you too babygirl. 
Teagan started laughing. The guys were laughing too. 
"So I'm off limits?" Harry said.
"Yeah because my three year old sister claims you." I said. The guys laughed. We were talking more and doing everything. When it started getting late Teagan and I decided to go to bed. I went up into my room and Teagan came in. 
"Hey. Thanks for coming. I know it was hard for you to leave Izzy." She said. I walked over to her. I gave her a hug. 
"It doesn't matter I'm just happy your feeling better." I said. We talked for 5 more minutes and we went to bed. Today honestly wasn't that bad. 

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