Story Of My Life

Teagan Cox and Hayley Brown are best friends. One day they get a surprise that changes everything. Secrets come out and love establishes. To find out more read Story of My Life.


5. Chapter Four


Teagan's POV

It's been two weeks since I've come here with Hayley, and I love it here. Niall and I are now official and so aren't Harry and Hayley. You should have heard Izzy scream when Hayley told her, it was hilarious but she's over it now. A lot of people are nice to me and Hayley but we still get hate but whatever they are just jealous. We have two more weeks until we go home so I can pack everything... the hard part is saying going to be saying bye to everyone but I'll be away from my dad so it's better. Tonight me and Niall have a date and I can't wait. I woke up this morning and went downstairs and of course I was the last one up as usual I hate waking up. 
"Morning Tea!" Hayley yelled. I just rolled my eyes. Why is she so loud?
"Morning." I said and walked into the kitchen to get food. I got some cereal and went back into the living room with everyone else. I sat next to Niall and Louis and started to eat. 
"Tea we should go shopping today!!" Hayley said almost yelling. I just kept eating. 
"Sure but why are you so loud?" I asked. 
"Well someone's grumpy!" Niall said poking my side. I just gave him the stop talking look. 
"I'm not grumpy I'm tired and it's early and Hayley is talking really loud." I said. Everyone laughed.
"Well first it's like 11 so it's not that early and second Hayley always talks loud so how are you not use to it." Harry laughed. 
"Whatever." I said in defeat realizing he was right. 
"So what time are we leaving to go shopping??" Hayley asked not yelling. Wow that's a first.
"Um I'll go get ready now and we can leave in like an hour?" I said. She nodded and jumped up to go get ready. 
"How in the world is she so energetic?" I asked. Everyone just laughed. 
"Or your just lazy..." Louis said. I just rolled my eyes and got up to get ready. 
"Very funny Lou!" I said walking up the stairs. I went into my room and took a quick shower then changed into a pair of skinny jeans and a cute "PINK" tank top. I put my hair in a messy bun did a little bit of make up and a pair of flip flops. I was finishing my make up when there was a knock on the door. 
"Yea?" I said. The door opened and Niall walked in. He walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me then kissed my cheek. 
"Don't forget about out date tonight." He said. 
"How could I ever forget that?" I laughed. 
"Just making sure." He said. I rolled my eyes. He laughed. 
"What should I wear?" I asked.
"Something comfortable we are going mini golfing and getting ice cream!" He said. I smiled I loved mini golf. 
"Okay! I have to go I'll see you after." I said giving him a quick kiss and walking out of the room. I met Hayley in the living room and we left for the mall. When we got there we just walked around, talked and went into the stores we got a lot of cute outfits! I don't know why since I'm moving this probably isn't the best idea but whatever. I got a really cute outfit for my date tonight. We were leaving when some girls recognized us that's never happened before. 
"Oh my god! Aren't you Teagan and Hayley? Niall and Harry's girlfriends?" The girl about 12 asked us. 
"Yea..." I answered in shock that they knew us. Hayley just stood there confused like me. 
"Can we have a picture with you two?" The other girl asked. 
"Uh sure!" Hayley answered. We took a picture with us smiling then with us making funny faces. They thanked us and walked away. Wow that was weird I guess that will be happening a lot more now. We left the mall and got to the car to drive home. 
"Wow that was weird." Hayley said looking up from her phone at me. 
"Yea but it will be happening often I guess now." I said laughing realizing that it would be. She just laughed. "So how's Izzy?" I asked. 
"Good I guess. She called me crying last night crying saying my parents were fighting again. Which is weirded they never fought when I was there." She answered looking kind of worried. 
"I'm sure it's fine Hay probably some little fight she's three remember she doesn't really understand they could have just had a little argument." I tried reassuring her. 
"Yea your right!" She said then looked back at her phone. We got back to the house and got all our bags and brought them into the house. All the boys were in the living room watching tv so me and Hayley just put our bags down and went there with them. 
"Hey babe! Have fun at the mall?" Niall asked giving me a quick kiss. 
"Yea. You'll never guess what happened." I said. 
"You and Hayley got asked to take a picture with a fan?" Harry said. Me and Hayley both just looked at him confused. 
"Yea. How'd you know?" Hayley asked. 
"Well first off your two are dating us so it will happen, and second the girls put it on twitter and tagged me and Niall in it." Harry answered. 
"Oh okay!" I said. Niall just laughed at me. "What?" I asked confused. 
"Nothing I just think it's cute when your confused." He said. 
"Wow you must think she's adorable then because she's always confused about something!" Hayley laughed so did everyone else. 
"I'm not always confused just most of the time." I said laughing with them knowing she was right. We all just talked and watched tv for about another hour. 
"Oh Tea we are leaving at 5 for our date." Niall said. 
"Okay what time is it?" I asked. 
"Um uh 430..." Niall said. I shot him a 'really' look. I stood up and ran up stairs after grabbing the bag with my outfit in it. I heard all the guys laughing and Hayley say she's coming to help because she knows I will take longer than half a hour to so this by myself. Hayley came up and I was getting everything ready. I started to heat up the straightener and put my clothes out on my bed. 
"Tea go take like a 5 minutes shower I will get everything else ready." Hayley said I nodded and went in the bathroom and took the quickest shower of my life. I went into my room and changed into my outfit. Hayley straightened my hair for me then put it up in a pony tail and then did my make up. It wasn't to much make up but it was enough. 
"Done!" She said. I laughed and stood up and looked at myself in the mirror. I was wearing a pair of hot pink shorts, a grey and white stripped tank top, pink and tan sandals, a white purse, and a pair of sunglasses on the top of my head. 
"Perfect! And it's 4:55 I have 5 minutes to spare!" I laughed. We high fived and laughed. 
"Come on let's go downstairs now." Hayley said. I nodded in agreement. We went downstairs and all the guys were talking we got down there and they all started to laugh. 
"What?" I asked looking at all of them. 
"The fact it takes you a hour to get ready when all of us go out together but as soon as Niall says that you two are going somewhere and you have to be ready in half a hour you can do that and still look like you took forever to get ready!" Louis laughed. 
"Well thanks? I think that was suppose to be a compliment!" I said. Niall stood up and walked over and put his arm around my waist. 
"Yes babe that was a compliment." He laughed. 
"Oh okay thanks then!" I said laughing. 
"Ready?" Niall asked. 
"Yea let's go!" I said. He took his arm off my waist and grabbed my hand. 
"Bye guys!" I yelled walking out of the house. 
"Bye!" We heard all of them yell. We got into the car and Niall just looked at me. I just blushed and laughed. 
"What."I laughed.
"Nothing." He said smiling then leaned over and gave me a kiss. I kissed back and smiled into the kiss. He smiled and pulled away from the kiss. 
"Okay now we can leave!" He said pulling out of the driveway. I just laughed. We got to the mini golf place and played and I won! Then we went to go get ice cream. We were just talking and laughing when my phone went off. It was Hayley's house phone. 
"Sorry Niall hold on." I said he just nodded.
Izzy: T-t-tea w-where's s-sissy? She said crying
Me: I don't know Izzy. What's wrong why are you crying? I asked. Niall stopped eating and looked up at me worried.
Izzy: mommy and daddy are fighting again. And they huwt me this time. 
Me:what do you mean they hurt you? I asked trying to stay calm for Izzy.
Izzy:daddy hit my face and so did mommy. She was crying so much I felt horrible. I wish I was there it would never have happened when we were there. 
Me: they did! Go hide in your room or sissy's. Stay there keep the phone with you. I'm going to find sissy. Call sissy again. Ok?
Izzy: okay. Tea they are in here! She yelled. 
Hayley's dad: who are you talking to? Get off the phone you little mistake! He yelled then I heard a slap sound and a scream.
Me: Izzy! Answer me! 
Izzy:TEA!!! She screamed then the line went dead. 
I looked up and Niall and he just looked at me I was starting to cry. He stood up and grabbed my hand and we went to the car. Once we got in he started to talk. 
"What happen what's wrong with Izzy?" He asked. 
"They are hitting her and abusing her." I said crying. He grabbed my hand and started to drive. 
"Okay we will go back home does Hayley know?" He asked. 
"No she's not answering her phone." I said crying. Izzy is like a sister to me she can't go through what I went through I won't allow it. 
"Okay we will be home in a few minutes." He said still holding my hand. 
"Niall she can't go through what I went through we need to help her!" I cried. He just turned and looked at me he looked upset to. 
"We will babe don't worry. She'll be okay." He held to my hand tight and we drove home. I cried the whole time. He pulled in the drive way and we both jumped out of the car and ran I to the house. I got in first and was bawling my eyes out. Everyone was in the living room and they all just looked at me. 
"What the hell did he do to you I swear I will kill him if he hurt you!" Harry said jumping off the couch running over to me. Niall ran in. "What did you do to her!" He yelled at him.
"I didn't do anything it's Izzy!" Niall said. Hayley's eyes grew wide and she started to cry a little. Harry let go of me and went to her. Niall was holding on to me. 
"What happened to her! Is she okay?" Hayley said almost in whisper. Niall looked at me. 
"She can't go through what I did. We need to go get her." I said. 
"No he didn't! She fucking three!" Harry said. 
"No not that I don't think. They are hitting her. I heard them on the phone she called me crying and said sissy wasn't answering so she called me and they called her a mistake and slapped her. I heard her scream then the line went dead." I cried. Niall held me close. Hayley started to cry into Harry's chest. 
"Okay we are leaving now and going to get her. In the cars now!" Harry said. We all just nodded and went to the cars. The boys managed to calm me and Hayley down before we got to the airport. We got our tickets and we left on the next flight which was in half a hour. We got not he flight and talked all the way there. 
"What are we suppose to do Teagan? Me and Izzy can't stay there now." Hayley said. 
"Move with my mom. She will be fine with it. That way you can still go to the same school and Izzy can got to the same daycare." I said. She just nodded. 
"No your not doing that." Harry said. Everyone just looked at him confused. 
"What?" Me and Hayley both said. 
"You two are moving with us to London. You can get home schooled like Teagan and Izzy can when she's older to. She won't have to go to daycare she can stay with all of us." He said. 
"Harry no I can't. It's fine we can stay with your mom." Hayley said. 
"Hayley I'm not taking no as an answer you two are coming with us to London. Far away from your parents." He said. 
"Harry don't think you have to do this." Hayley said. 
"I don't think that, but we wanted you to come after senior year anyway so now you can just come now with Izzy." He said. 
"I guess you have a point. Yes we will but who will be our legal guardians? I'm only 17 and Izzy is 3." Hayley said. 
"I will until your 18 then you can be Izzy's." Louis said. 
"You sure?" Hayley asked. He nodded. "Okay then. We will just need my parents to sign papers but they will it's either that or I'll call the cops and I don't think they want that." She said. Everyone just nodded in agreement. We talked a little but more about what will happen until we landed then we rushed to Hayley's house. 
We got to her house and all rushed inside. We saw her parents in the living room they just looked up in shock when we came in. Hayley ran over to them. Harry went with her in case something happened. I went to find Izzy with the rest of the boys. I ran up to Izzy's room and she was in there crying. I ran over to her and picked her up. She was scared then realized it was me. 
"TEA!!" She screamed. 
"Izzy. Everything will be okay we are here now they can't hurt you anymore." I said. She cried in my shoulder. I felt someone come up behind me and wrap there arms around us. Niall oh lord here goes my hearing. Izzy looked up and screamed. 
"YOUW NIALL!! TEA'S BOYFWEND!!" She yelled. I laughed and put her down and she ran over and gave Niall a hug. 
"Yes I am. Hi Izzy I've heard a lot about you." He said. She smiled. The other boys came in. She screamed again. She gave them all hug then Hayley and Harry walked in. Harry had his arm around Hayley she was crying. 
"Sissy what's wrong!" Izzy yelled. She ran over to Hayley. Hayley picked her up. Izzy noticed Harry and screamed again. We all just laughed now that that was over. 
"Nothing Izzy. But you aren't going to be hurt by mommy and daddy anymore okay." Hayley said. 
"How do you know?" Izzy asked with tears in her little eyes. 
"Because you aren't going to see them anymore." Hayley said starting to cry. It must kill her to have to do this. She must be in shock. 
"W-why?" Izzy asked. 
"Because you are coming to live with sissy, Tea, and the boys okay?" Hayley asked. 
" long as I don't get hurt by mommy and daddy again." Izzy said that broke my heart to her her say that. I know what it's like to be abused. Niall noticed I was starting to get upset and put his arm around me. I calmed down. 
"When awe we leaving?" Izzy asked. 
"As soon as we are packed." Hayley answered. "Teagan is going to help you so I can go pack. Then we are leaving." 
"Okay! Let's huwwy." Izzy said. She is so smart for 3. We all packed up Hayley and Izzy's stuff within and hour and a half. We walked downstairs with all their stuff. Hayley's mom walked over and handed Hayley paper work. I'm guess the papers for Louis to be the legal guardian now. I was carrying Izzy so her parents couldn't touch her. We put all the stuff in the rental car. Got Izzy's car seat put it in the car and got in. We drove all of two minutes down the road to see my mom and tell her good bye and tell her what's going on. It was going to be hard saying goodbye to her she was so happy to see me and Harry together. We packed my stuff and told her about Hayley's parents she totally agrees with us. She told us that she will come visit and we will have to visit her whenever we could. We decided to stay the night at my house since it was way to late. God this has been a long day. Hayley and Izzy are now going to be living with us in London! We all slept in my room. Hayley slept on the bed with Izzy and I slept on the floor cuddled up to Niall. All the other boys were all over my room. I can't wait to move to London and get away for all this drama. I just want to be drama free and live with my boyfriend, my brother, and my best friends. 

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