Story Of My Life

Teagan Cox and Hayley Brown are best friends. One day they get a surprise that changes everything. Secrets come out and love establishes. To find out more read Story of My Life.


6. Chapter Five

Hayley's POV

Hearing Teagan tell me that my parents hit her kills me. And she tried calling me! We all left the house. Harry and I took one car. We were riding to the airport I was freaking out. 
"This is all my fault. If I didn't leave her there this wouldn't have happened and she called me! I didn't answer her phone call!" I said. Harry pulled into the parking lot of the airport and me stopped the car. He unbuckled my seatbelt. He picked me up and put me on his lap in the drivers seat. I hugged him and cried. He rubbed my back telling me it was okay. 
"Baby, it's not your fault. You didn't know they would do this and you didn't hear your cell phone go off. Izzy is going to be okay. I promise." Harry said. 
"It is my fault!" I said. He lifted my head up so i looked him in the eyes. 
"Listen to me, baby this isn't your fault. I promise you. Baby do you trust me?" He asked 
"Of course I trust you." I said. 
"Then trust me when I said this isn't your fault okay?" He said. I nodded. He gave me a passionate kiss. I stayed there hugging him for a few minutes. Someone knocked on the window and Harry rolled it down. 
"Is everything okay?" Liam asked. I felt Harry Shake his head no.
"Come on Hay, let's go get Izzy. Okay?" Liam said. I felt Harry's door open. Someone picked me up. Then I got placed on the ground. I felt Harry's arms wrap around my waist. He rested his head on my shoulder. Paparazzi and fans were all surrounding the building. Harry held onto me even tighter. We got inside the airport. We got our tickets and waited until they called our flight. I sat next to Harry. Liam was on the other side of me.  
"What are we suppose to do Teagan? Me and Izzy can't stay there now." I said. 
"Move with my mom. She will be fine with it. That way you can still go to the same school and Izzy can got to the same daycare." She said. I just nodded. 
"No your not doing that." Harry said. Everyone just looked at him confused. 
"What?" Me and Teagan both said. 
"You two are moving with us to London. You can get home schooled like Teagan and Izzy can when she's older to. She won't have to go to daycare she can stay with all of us." He said. 
"Harry no I can't. It's fine we can stay with your mom." I said. 
"Hayley I'm not taking no as an answer you two are coming with us to London. Far away from your parents." He said. 
"Harry don't think you have to do this." I said. 
"I don't think that, but we wanted you to come after senior year anyway so now you can just come now with Izzy." He said. 
"I guess you have a point. Yes we will but who will be our legal guardians? I'm only 17 and Izzy is 3." I said. 
"I will until your 18 then you can be Izzy's." Louis said. 
"You sure?" I asked. He nodded.
 "Okay then. We will just need my parents to sign papers but they will it's either that or I'll call the cops and I don't think they want that." I said to them all. They nodded. We all talked more. Once the plane landed I got nervous. We got a rental car and drove to my house. We all stormed in. My parents looked at me confused and shocked. Everyone went upstairs except for me and Harry. 
"Hayley! What are you doing here?" My mom asked. She came to give me a hug. 
"Don't even. You know exactly why I'm here. How could you guys do that to her?" I said. 
"We don't want her. The only reason why we were nice to her to begin with was you." Dad said. 
"You guys are terrible! She's three fucking years old!" I yelled. 
"Watch your language." My dad said. 
"What are you guys going to fucking hit me too if I don't?" I asked. 
"Babe, calm down a little." Harry said. 
"Listen to your boyfriend." My mom said. 
"I fucking hate you both." I said. My mom came up to me and slapped me. I grabbed my face. Harry came over. 
"Are you serious?! She's you're daughter!" Harry said. He handed them the papers.
"What's this?" My dad asked. 
"Papers that give louis permission to be their legal guardian since you guys are obviously unfit parents." Harry said. He grabbed my waist. 
"What if we said no." My mom said. 
"I'll call the cops" I said. They took the papers and filled them out. Harry and I walked upstairs. I was still crying. Elizabeth ran up to me. 
"Sissy what's wrong!" Izzy yelled. She ran over to me. I picked her up. Izzy noticed Harry and screamed again. We all just laughed now that that was over. 
"Nothing babygirl, But you aren't going to be hurt by mommy and daddy anymore okay." I said. 
"How do you know?" Izzy asked with tears in her eyes. 
"Because you aren't going to see them anymore."I said starting to cry. I hate having to do this . 
"W-why?" Izzy asked. 
"Because you are coming to live with sissy, Tea, and the boys okay?" I asked. 
" long as I don't get hurt by mommy and daddy again." Izzy said.
"When awe we leaving?" Izzy asked. 
"As soon as we are packed." I answered. "Teagan is going to help you so I can go pack. Then we are leaving." 
"Okay! Let's huwwy." She said. I nodded. I walked into my bedroom and Harry helped me pack. 
"I can't do this to her Harry." I said starting to crying.
"What do you mean?" He asked coming up to me. 
"Taking her away from our parents! She's three! She needs her mom and dad." I said. Harry grabbed my face in his hands. 
"She has you. That's all she needs. They hurt her baby, they are no good for her." He said. Tears slipped from my eyes. Harry's thumbs wiped across my cheeks wiping off my tears. We finished packing and walked into the hall the boys, tea and izzy were all done. We all walked downstairs my parents handed me the papers. We all left and grabbed izzys car seat. Once we left my house we went to Teagan and Harry's mom's house so they could say goodbye. We were in the rental car I was next to Harry and Elizabeth. We pulled into the driveway. Harry got out of the car and then I got out on the same side. Harry grabbed my hand and we walked to the side Izzy is on. Harry opened her door and then I unbuckled her seatbelt, and then she reached out at me so I could pick her up. I grabbed her and put her on my hip. Harry put his arm on my back. We walked up the steps and walked inside. Izzy jumped down. She ran to Anne and gave her a huge hug. 
"Hello sweetheart. How are you?" Anne asked Izzy. 
"Im better now that sissy is back."She said. Harry squeezed my hand. Anne gave me a hug and then Teagan and the boys. Izzy decided that she wanted to lay down and sleep. Anne put her in the spare bedroom and then we all decided to talk. She asked about my parents all the legal work and all this stuff. We went to bed since it was so late, and decided to leave early tomorrow morning. I woke up at 5am and all the boys were up already.  I walked downstairs to the kitchen and saw Harry talking to Anne, the boys and Teagan. When I walked in they all stopped talking. 
"Hey babe." Harry said. 
"Hi, Is Izzy still asleep?" I asked. Anne nodded. I sat on the chair next to Harry.
"Hayley, want anything tot eat?"Anne asked me. 
"No thanks Im not really hungry right now." I said. She nodded. Teagan looked at me worried.
"Tea you don't need to worry about me. Im just not hungry right now. Im going to eat later." I said. 
"Yeah well when that thing happened with you know... that what happened? Oh wait you stopped eating , and since stuff happened with your parents last night I'm obviously going to be worried" Teagan said. Oh no.
"Wait when that guy did that to you... you stopped eating?"Harry asked me. 
"Yeah.. but only for a month or two..." I said looking at the ground. Izzy ran in and sat on my lap. Thank god for Izzy! 
"Morning babygirl. How's you sleep?" I asked looking down at her. 
"I slept okay. I'm still scawed of mommy and daddy." She said. She shouldn't be scared of her parents! shes only three years old! The guys and everyone got quiet.
"Don't be scared of mommy and daddy. You aren't going to be with them anymore. Only me, the boys and Teagan. They cant hurt you anymore I promise. Have I ever broken a promise before?" I asked her.
"No.." She said.
"Then I'm not going to break any promises now." I kissed her cheek. After a while we decided to leave for the airport. We said goodbye to Anne and then left. We got to the airport and there were a few fans. The boys stepped out of the car. Harry helped me out and then he grabbed Izzy. He picked her up and then with his free hand he intertwined his fingers with mine. We got inside the airport and bought our tickets. We put our bags in baggage claim and then waited until they called our flight. We had about an hour until they started to board the plane. Izzy went to Teagan and hung out with her. I sat next to Harry on a bench. We joked around the whole time. When our flight got called we all boarded the plane. In my row Izzy got the window seat and then I was in the middle of her and Harry. In front of me was a row of Louis Zayn and Liam and then on the side of us was Niall, Teagan and this random fan. HAHA! Niall had the window seat and Teagan was in the middle. The whole flight the girl was talking about how much she loved one direction. She was talking nonstop. We got off the plane and I ran to Teagan.
"OMG! LIKE NIALL IS MY TOATS FAVE! You're like so lucky you are dating him. Im defs jealous!"I said mocking the girl. Teagan just glared at me. All the boys laughed at me. 
"Sissy! Piggy back!" Izzy said. I got on my knees and Izzy climbed on my back and i grabbed her legs. Harry grabbed my bags and Liam grabbed Izzy's. We got to the house in London and it was absolutely beautiful. We walked inside and it was even more gorgeous than the outside. All the boys ran to their rooms and went to bed. Niall brought Teagan to her room. Izzy was asleep so we put her on the couch. Harry grabbed my hand and we sat down on a different couch. He wrapped his arms around my waist and I sat in between his legs. 
"Want to know where your room is?" Harry asked me in my ear. 
"Sure."I said.
"My room." Harry said. His breath lingered on my neck. Chills went up my spine. Izzy woke up and Harry brought her to the spare bedroom that is now her room. Harry brought me to his room.. well i guess our room. Harry laid down and i laid down next to him. 
"We have an interview tomorrow. Do you want to come?" Harry asked. 
"Do you want me to go?" I asked him.
"Well duh." He said. I laughed. 
"So ill take that as a yes. Goodnight beautiful." Harry said. I drifted to sleep cuddled up to Harry.

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