Story Of My Life

Teagan Cox and Hayley Brown are best friends. One day they get a surprise that changes everything. Secrets come out and love establishes. To find out more read Story of My Life.


9. Chapter Eight

Teagans POV

I woke up this morning to someone poking my face to try and wake me up. 
"Stop I'm trying to sleep." I said putting a pillow over my face. 
"But sissy and Harry told me to wake you up because they left to go get Alaska." Izzy said jumping up on the bed next to me. Oh right Alaska is coming today. 
"Okay I'm up. Are you excited that Alaska is coming today?" I asked her sitting up. 
"Of course! I missed her sooooo much!" She said very dramatically. 
"I bet you are. Did you eat yet?" 
"Nope! They just left and told me to go wake you up." 
"Okay. Go downstairs I'll be down in a minute and we can make breakfast for everyone okay?" 
"Okay!" She said jumping off the bed and running out of the room. I looked over at Niall who had a pillow over his head probably trying to go back to sleep. Just left him because I wanted to spend sometime with Izzy. I got out of bed and went downstairs to see Izzy sitting in the living room playing with her dolls waiting for me.
"Come on Iz let's go make breakfast for everyone now. What do you want to make?" I asked picking her up. 
"Ummm waffles. Those are the best! But can we put strawberries on them with whip cream?" She asked. 
"Of course why couldn't we?" I laughed. She shrugged her shoulders. I sat her on the counter and got all of the stuff we need to make waffles. I put all the ingredients in the bowl I gave the bowl to Izzy and she started to mix it. Once she was done she handed me the bowl back so I could start to make them. I cooked a bunch and then put the strawberries and whipped cream on the counter. 
"Izzy after we wake the guys up do you want to be in charge of putting the strawberries and whipped cream on everyone's food?" I asked. 
"Yes!" She said. I picked her up and put her on the floor. 
"Who do you want to wake up first?" I asked. 
"Um Liam. Then Louis then Zayn then Niall!" She said running up the stairs. 
"Okay okay slow down." I laughed. We went into Liam's room. She ran in screaming.
"LIIIIIIAAAAAMMMMMM WAKE UP NOW!!!!!!" She screamed and jumped on top of him. 
"What! What's wrong?" He said sitting up quickly and looking around. 
"Nothin just wanted to wake you up since me and Teagan made breakfast for everyone!" Izzy said smiling sweetly at him. 
"Oh ok thank you then Iz but next time please don't run in screaming to wake me up." He said with a laugh. She nodded her head and jumped off of him. 
"Don't eat anything until everyone is down there." She said walking out of the room." Me and Liam both laughed. 
"Now Louis!" She said running across the hall into his room. She ran up the bed and went to jump on him but he caught her and she screamed. I started laughing from the doorway. 
"How did you know I was going to jump on you??" She asked confused. 
"Because I heard you wake Liiiiaaaaammmm up." He laughed will mocking her. 
"Hey don't make fun of me." She said pouting. 
"Sorry. Now go wake up Niall and Zayn and I'll get ready for breakfast." He said after putting her on the ground.
"Okay!" She said and then skipped out of the room. 
"Zayn wake up!" She yelled and jumped on the bed. 
"No..." He said rolling over. 
"But I made breakfast!" She said and started to tickle him. 
"Okay okay! I'm up!" He said laughing. Izzy got up and ran into my room to get Niall up. She got a running start as jumped right on Niall. 
"Owwww!" He groaned. He sat up and saw Izzy. 
"Sorry." She said while smiling sweetly. 
"What was that for?" He asked looking at me while I was laughing.  
"We made breakfast!" Izzy screamed. 
"Really? Okay I'm up!" Niall said jumping out of bed with Izzy in his arms and ran downstairs both of them laughing. I went downstairs and saw Izzy telling all the boys that they couldn't touch anything because she was in charge of giving out the food. I went over and started to help Izzy give them their food. Once we finished went into the living room and watched played games with Izzy. 
"What do you want to play Iz?" Niall asked her. "Hide and seek!" She said jumping up and down. 
"Okay. Who's counting first?" I asked. Izzy looked around at all of us. 
"LOUIS!!" She yelled then ran to find a hiding spot. Louis started to count and we all went to find hiding spots. I went into Harry's room and saw Izzy on the bed under the blankets. 
"Iz com there I have a better spot." I whispered. She sat up and followed me to the new spot it was a cabinet that Hayley has some of her clothes in. Izzy hid in there and I went into the closet that Harry and Hayley share. We hid for a while hearing Louis finding the others and them complaining about being found. I heard Louis call to say that we won and he gave up. I got out of the closet and got Izzy she was laughing about how we won and how no one can know about our secret spot. We walked downstairs and I heard the front door open. Izzy looked up at the door and her eyes got all big she was so happy. 
"ALASKA!!!" She screamed and ran over up Hayley. Hayley put Alaska down and she started running around with Izzy chasing her around. 
"Well Alaska seems to be fine with moving." I said as Hayley sat next to me. 
"Now, before she was shaking like crazy in my arms." Hayley replied looking at Alaska. 
"Hayley can we all go outside and play please?!" Izzy asked. 
"Sure come on." She said and got up to follow her out side with Alaska. We all followed and watched as Izzy chased her around and threw Alaskas toys around. Izzy started to get tired after a few hours so she went upstairs to take a nap and took Alaska with her. 
"It seems like Izzy's happy that Alaska's here." Zayn said.  
"Yea I think both of us are." Hayley laughed. Since Izzy was asleep we decided to watch a movie. We picked We're The Millers despite Liam begging for Toy Story. I was cuddled up to Niall with my head on his shoulder and his arms around me pulling me closer to him on the couch. Louis was sitting on the other end of the couch. Hayley and Harry were cuddling on the love seat. Zayn was in one chair and Liam was in another. We all watch the movie and it was absolutely hilarious! After the movie we all were talking about what movie to put in next when the door bell rang. We all looked at each other wondering who was going to be the one to get up and get the door. The door bell rang again and harry got up. 
"Harry I was comfy why couldn't you wait for one of the other guys to get it." Hayley fake whined as he got up. I just laughed as she acted upset. We heard Harry say thank you and then the door close he walked in with a big box.
"Whatcha get Harry?!" I asked. 
"Yea did you get your amazing girlfriend and you amazing sister a gift???" She asked. Harry just rolled his eyes and laughed. 
"Yup I did here ya go!" He said as he threw a book at me. I looked at the cover and it was a health book. 
"Okay not cool! At least give me a book like one that I will have to read for English not this!" I said. Harry laughed as Niall took it out of my hands. Hayley was looking at our English literature book and it was huge! 
"Oh come on I have to teach her this stuff! She has to know this by now!" Niall said as he flipped through the pages of my health book.  
"Yes she has to and I'm not teaching my little sister about that stuff!" Harry said. 
"It's easy everyone knows stay away from drugs and don't drink until it's legal and don't drink a lot. And always the best way to prevent a baby is to use protection." Niall said as he tossed the book on the floor. 
"Are you sure he doesn't need the class? Niall, babe, the best way to prevent a baby is not having sex at all." I said rolling my eyes.  
"I knew that but besides that it's use protection!" He said. Hayley was laughing along with the others.  
"Harry your sister might fail health because of him!" Louis laughed. Harry just rolled his eyes. 
"It's worth the risk because I'm not teaching her that." He said looking at the books. 
"When do we have to start school?" Hayley asked. 
"In a week so Monday." He answered. Hayley and I both groaned. 
When we finished talking about school and who was defiantly teaching what classes it was around 4 when Izzy got up she must have been really tired she slept for like 3 hours.
"Were you tired Iz?" Liam asked. 
"No I was playing with Alaska in my room." She giggled. 
"Oh why didn't you come down here?" Louis asked. 
"Because I was thinking." She said petting Alaska and sitting next to Hayley on the couch. 
"What were you thinking about you don't really have to worry about a lot." Hayley laughed. 
"Umm well I miss mommy and daddy. I want to go home." She said starting to get teary eyed. Everyone went dead silent and Hayley looked like she was about to pass out. What are we going to do now. 

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