The boy next door!

Hi, my names Sasha. I am 19 and I live in Holmes Chapel and I think I may be in love with my next door neighbours son Harry.


3. Chapter 3!

*beep beep*

My alarm went off. First day of school.


"So Sash, you ready for your first day at your new school?" Mum said walking straight into my room and sitting on my bed.

"URGGGG mum, can I stay at home? I don't feel well." I groaned into my pillow.

"No Sasha Jayne. You can get up off your lazy arse and get ready. Your uniforms on your drawers." Mum got up and dragged my covers off me. That's the true side of my mum. Selfish! She won't even let me stay at home, most 'normal' parents would. But then again we ain't a normal family.

"MUUUUUM!" I shouted as she walked out my room.

I climbed out of bed and dragged myself into the bathroom. This is not fair. I quickly cleansed my face and brushed my teeth. I walked back into my room and grabbed my uniform. This is not nice. It's disgusting! The uniform consisted of a white blouse, red and yellow tie, red and black tartan skirt and a black jumper with the school logo on. I paired it with a pair of black tights and my black Mary Jane pumps. I decided to go for a natural make up look and I left my hair down. I loved my hair. It was really frizzy but a more tamed frizzy look. It came from my African genes. You see my dad's dad (my gramps) is African and his mum (my Nanna) was British so my dad has caramel skin, so that where me and Nate got it from, our mum also has caramel skin (like beyonces skin colour).

It grabbed my phone and bag and headed down the stairs,

"Hey Sash, good morning. I will give you and Nate a lift to school." Dad said, kissing me on my cheek and heading out the door.

"Thanks dad." I walked towards our car and sat in the back as Nate already called 'shotgun' the little shit, I'm older than him. As dad was driving down the street towards my new school I noticed Harry walking with 3 other lads and his arm around a girl. Who is she?

"Sasha, we are here." Dad said. "I will pick you up later after I pick Nate up."

"Thanks dad but I will walk, it's a lovely day." I said climbing out the car.

"Ok honey, have a lovely day." I said blowing me a kiss.

I walked towards the entrance, I knew what rooms I was in as I received the time table last week.

First lesson - Art, Room 34, Mrs Garner.

I love art, it's one of my best subjects, I love anything to do with drawing and painting. I walked into the classroom and to my surprise there was nobody here. Where is everybody?

"Oh darling, the bell hasn't gone yet." I voice came from the store cupboard.

"Erm, hello?" I said ever so confused.

"Sorry sweetie, I'm Mrs Garner and you must be Sasha?" A small woman with a brown bob cut wearing glasses came out of the cupboard.

"Yes I am, nice to meet you." I said.

"Please take a seat the bell will go any momen....." DING DING DING "look at that perfect timing." She said sitting at a stool near the computer.

I took a seat at the back of the classroom, suddenly all the other students came rushing through the door.

"Guys, calm down."Mrs Garner shouted. Her voice is such a sweet voice.

"Why hello there sweet pea." A guy with long blonde hair say next to me.

"And who may who be?" I asked.

"Oh darling, I'm Hayd Morris. And you are?" He said winking at his mate across the table.

"Sasha Fox."

"Is your name that because your a foxy mamma." His friend was laughing at the other side of the table.

"Erm, excuse me? At least I can afford a hair cut."

"Alright people, I'm here." A voice came through the door.

"Harry Styles! Sit down right now." Mrs Garner said.

"Right woman, calm your tits." It was Harry my neighbour, he was heading towards my table.

"Alright, Hazza. Where have you been? In the toilets again with Felicity have we." The guy across the table said.

"Well Nick, what can I say." Harry joked. Well I hope it was a joke. "Sasha?" He asked,

"Oh hi Harry." I said pretending I wasn't listening.

"What are you doing at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive?" He asked sitting next to me.

"I started today. Remember, I was telling you last night." I said.

"Last night heh Haz. What were you two doing." Hayd said.

"Nothing, I'm his neighbour." I said hitting Hayd in the arm.

"Oww." He said rubbing his arm.

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