The Darkness Gleaming Within

7 year old Raven has never had a lasting friend since she was four. That is the year she refuses to let go. The year that holds the secret of her last friend, and her darkness that gleams. And Tommy, a 7 year old boy, is the only one that can see that light.


2. The Kids

Tommy stepped off the train with his suit case clutched tight in his hand, as if he believed it held his so soul and the devil were to come and snatch it away at any second. He walked out of the train station and into the dreary city, Annabelle walking closely behind. She grabbed his free hand and guided him to the orphanage that was only 3 blocks away. They reached the tall entrance doors and Annabelle looked at Tommy and whispered "Well go ahead, it's okay, they wont bite. Just knock on the door and wait for an answer."

So he stepped forward and firmly knocked on the door and stepped back. The large door creacked as it was pushed open by a nice woman that seemed to be but ten years ahead of Annabelle. She greated Tommy in with a smile as did the kids, except for one particular little girl. Instead she chose to sit alone in a corner with a silver locket around her neck. She starred at it with empty eyes and seemed to be in a trance, as if her mind was empty, oblivious to the world surrounding her, with pale skin and a simple, dark dress and simple black shoes, and a simple, short, black hairstyle.

As the other kids jostled him around, swarming him with wonder, drowning him in questions, he gazed over at her with intense curiosity. Hoping one day his curiosity would be settled.

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