The Wanderer


1. Once upon a path

Once upon a path, there was a man. A strange sight, named Raymond Walker, but a man all the same. He wore a long overcoat, with so many patches of re-used material that there was hardly any of the original fabric remaining. Underneath his overcoat her wore what once were trousers, but had now worn away to his shins, leaving olive-coloured skin plastered with freckles exposed to the blazing sun. But none of these features caught as much attention than his feet.

Raymond was a Wanderer. These were a species that had one purpose in life. To wander. Instead of normal feet like you and I, wanderers were born with shoes, bonded to their skin that had so delicately formed inside their mother's womb. From day one of their strenuous, and somewhat boring lives, wanderers were sent away to fend for themselves and walk the vast distance of the Earth.


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