Fate Brought Us Together

College yay! Not really. I just moved from Winnipeg to London and I don't know anyone here. I then meet five guys. My life changed forever. (One Direction not famous and I promise you the story is better than the blurb. It's very shitty I know.)


1. First day.

Abby's POV

My first day in college here in London. I walked in the school and up to the office. "Hi, I need my timetable" I said to the receptionist. "Last name?" She asked. "Derone" I said. "One second" she said. I waited until it printed out to take it and hurried to my first class. Math. I walked in the class and all the attention went to me. "Ah. You must be the new student. Please take a seat, anywhere you like" the teacher said. I sat down in some random spot and we started the lesson. 

*skip to lunch*

I didn't know anyone so I sat alone. 

Harry's POV

The boys and I walked in the cafeteria to see the new girl sitting alone. "Hey let's get to know the new girl, she seems cool" I said walking towards her table. 

Abby's POV

I was on my phone when someone cleared their throat. I looked up to find five boys all sitting in front of me. "May I help you?" I said politely. "Yeah we'd like to get to know you since you don't have any friends" the blonde said. "Thanks..." I said waiting for a name. "Niall and this is Harry, Liam, Louis and Zayn" he said pointing to the other boys. "I'm Abby" I said. "Nice to meet you" they said. I smiled. My phone rang. Mom. "Do you mind? It's my mom" I said. "No not at all" Liam said. I answered her. "Hi mom!" I said. "Hi! How're you doing on your first day? Make any friends?" She asked. "Yup!" I said. "How many?" She asked. "Five boys" I said. "Really?!? No girls?" She asked. "Nope. They probs don't like me anyway" I said chuckling. "You miss her huh?" She asked. "Obviously mom! She's my bestfriend! I wish she could have came here with me" I said. "Anyways how's Winnipeg?" I asked. "Still good" she said. "I'm worried about you" she said. "Mom you know I stopped a long time ago" I said. "Yeah I know but, I'm worried they might hurt you there" she said. "Mom no need to worry. I can kick their ass if they tried" I said. She chuckled. "I got to go bye! Love you!" She said. "I love you too mom bye!" I said hanging up. "Sorry about that" I said to the boys. "It's fine" Louis said. 

*after lunch*

I'm walking to my locker and the boys are following me. I then get a call from my bestfriend Rachel. "Hey Rach! I miss you so much!" I said. "I miss you too! Your mom said you made friends, boys" she said, I could tell she was smirking. "Shuddup!" I said blushing. I opened my locker and a note fell out. It read Hey bitch! Stay away from the boys. Or else. ~Hanna. I got so angry. "Hey Rach talk to Harry for a bit" I said. "Why?" She said. "I need to kill a bitch who's stupid enough to put her name on the note" I said. "Ok" she said. I handed the phone to Harry. I walked through the halls, the boys behind me. I threw the note behind me. I finally found Hanna. "Listen here bitch there's no way in hell you can make me stay away" I said. "Oh really" she said. "Yeah" I said. "I'm not afraid of you" I added. "Then slap me" she said. "I can't slap you" I said. "Why? Too chicken?" She asked. "No" I said. "Then why?" She asked, her eyebrows raising. "Cause I'm against animal abuse" I said. She gasp. "Oh my god! You're so mean!" I said mocking her girly voice. She scoffed, then she turned and started to walk away wearing the shortest flowy skirt I've ever seen. "*cough* slut *cough*" I said. I grabbed the phone from Harry. "So how's it going?" I asked. "I'm so proud of you! I'm on speaker by the way" she said. "Thanks I wish I could hug you right now" I said. "Turn around" she said. I turned around a d found her standing there smiling. "Rach!" I ran to her and we hugged. "You bitch!" I said still hugging her. "I know!" She said chuckling. 

*skip to the end of the day* 

"So where is your dorm?" I asked the boys. "Don't have one" they said. "Then where do you guys stay?" I asked. "We rented a dorm for a few months" Zayn said. "You guys can come with us" I said. "Really?" They asked. "Yeah and no need to pay half the rent, my mom bought it and I don't need to pay anything" I said walking to the direction of my dorm. "We also have lots of bedrooms but, some of have to share. Rach wants a room to herself so, Niall and Zayn, Liam can get the single bed. Louis can have his own room too. Harry do you mind sleeping with me in the only other available room?" I asked. "No not at all!" He said. "It's settled" I said. 

Author's note. 

Hey guys! Sorry for deleting I'm Just A Dance Instructor! That was just a warm up fanfic to work up my writing skills. SORRY AGAIN HOPE YOU LIKE THIS ONE!!!!!

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