Fate Brought Us Together

College yay! Not really. I just moved from Winnipeg to London and I don't know anyone here. I then meet five guys. My life changed forever. (One Direction not famous and I promise you the story is better than the blurb. It's very shitty I know.)


4. Calum's GF

Abby's POV

Today I'm meeting Calum's gf. I'm really excited to have another girl around, know what I mean. I'm at Starbucks waiting for them to arrive. "Abby!" Someone called. I looked up to find Calum dragging a girl. "This is Nya, my girlfriend" he said. She looked really familiar. Then it clicked. "I missed you!" We said at the same time and hugged. "You guys know each other?" He asked. "We met in grade three, but became friends in grade five" she said. "Oh. That makes sense" he said. "So how've you been?" I asked. "I've been great! You?" She asked. "Same" I said. "I heard that you live with five guys and Rach" she said smirking. "Shut up! And yes I am. I'm dating one of them, they are attractive guys I might say" I said. "Ooh which one? I saw a picture of them altogether" she said. "It's the one that looks like David Beckham" I said chuckling. "Nice" she said. "What can I say? Having good grammar makes you more attractive" I said laughing. She laughed too. 

We hung out a lot. Calum got jealous of our bond. So life was good, until we ran into Hanna. "Ugh watch out, it's the skank" I told her. She looked over to where I was looking. "Ugh, I've heard of her" she said. "Who hasn't?" I asked. We both laughed. We started to walk away but someone step on my ankle, on purpose. "What do you want Hanna?" I asked turning around to face her caked face. "Stay away from them" she said. "I will but they will not stay away from me, one we are house mates, two I'm dating one of them, three they don't like you and four hmm, oh yeah they don't like you" I said. She walked away scoffing. "And that's how you deal with a bitch" I said to Nya and she chuckled. "Oh I know. I learned a lot from you already" she said and we laughed.

I drove back home to see Luke and Michael wrestling on the couch. "Careful, that table is expensive" I said seriously. I then started laughing. "Pft, it's not expensive. What am I talking about?" I said facepalming. "You are very weird" they said. "I know!" I said smiling. 

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