My Unbelievable Life

If you want to read a story about a perfect, fairy-tale 'happily ever after' story, this is NOT a book for you. However, if you can cope with the unpredictable, mysterious and downright crazy life of two teenage twins then you may want to read on...




My name is Amara McLove and I'm not even sure whether that's even true anymore, my mind has been so brutally warped. Yet I do know that I have a twin sister, Felicity McLove, although the memory of her is now so vague I have to force myself to remember her: a wisp of hair, her twinkling eyes, her defiant frown. You see, it's easier to remember Felcity more than anyone else, maybe even myself; we are identical twins, two halves of each other. So looking at her is like looking in the mirror. My name means 'forever', and hers 'happiness', so together we were meant to be forever happy. Oh the irony.

Sorry, I'm rushing ahead of myself. I'll start from the beginning. How my life was first transformed into living hell...



I stared at my phone as if it had just grown legs and started twerking. Oh no. Please, not again. They promised... My heart plummeted so low that I wouldn't have been surprised if it got stuck in my stomach as I read the anonymous message:

Meet us now. Same Place. Be there.

There didn't have to be an 'or else' warning at the end of the text, I could feel the menace from his text radiating from each word and I knew better that to disobey. They were coming for me again. At first they only tormented me at school but once they found my phone number, they stalked me like a tiger stalks it's prey; ready for the kill.

I took deep breaths. In. Out. In. Out. Yes Amara, stay calm, I told myself. In. Out. In. Out. In.. suddenly I breathed too quickly and choked on my saliva, spluttering everywhere. Smooth Amara. Real smooth. I couldn't even breathe properly without messing it up.

Luckily my parents were at a party and Fel was on a date, so I wouldn't have to make up a stupid lie about why I needed to leave the house at midnight, like last time. If they got home and wondered where I was, I'd just say that I was at Natalie's house or something. They wouldn't question me. They never questioned me. A stab of guilt hit me but I shoved it away. I had kept this a secret for too long for it to be discovered. Even Felicity, who I usually confessed everything to, was oblivious to my tormenters. It was better, safer, for everyone if it stayed that way.

Trying to subdue my quivering fingers, I grabbed my coat and mask. This was the last time, they said. They'd leave me alone after this. I would come to no harm.

If only I hadn't been so gullible.

With feet like lead I stumbled from the warmth of my home into the icy night air. The wind slashed at my back and despite myself, a shudder ran up my spine like, what was the expression? Oh yes, I shuddered like someone was walking on my grave.


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