Bluff ≫≫ One Direction au

bluff - verb

to mislead by a display of strength, self-confidence


supernatural -adjective

of, pertaining to, or being above or beyond what is natural; unexplainable by natural law or phenomena; abnormal


underestimate -noun

Zayn's mistake towards Peyton


1. Chapter One Bluff


Chapter One

Peyton's Thoughts/View


I roam around the streets of Adamor City, in California. I come across a small convenient store and stop to use the restroom. As i walk in, acrid fumes hit my nose. I hold my breath right away. I scurry to the bathroom; hoping the stench will subside. To my displeasure, it doesn't.

I scrutinize myself in the ancient, unsanitary mirror. I assimilate myself in the mirror. My green, usually light eyed orbs have now gone a shade darker. My circular face -not too chubby- with a slight jaw line is very pale. Probably because i am so dehydrated. I take a look at my eyebrows, high arching. Not too dark, though. Perfect. They match the color of my dirty-dish water hair. My nose, where do i even start? It is huge. Well medium size I guess. Very wide. Lips; very plump and light pink.

I am not too please with my appearance....but it will do.

I get an earful of loud knocking, I slowly approach the door and unlock it.

I come face-to-arm with an inked arm. I might note that his sleeve is very cool. If I weren't who i am today- I would have totally freaked- I mean, its a small town. Everyone knows everyone. I do not think I have meant anyone with a full arm of tattoos. I am in utter shock.

I glance up at his face. Actually quite pretty for a boy. Not quite oval-shaped face. Very outlined jaw line. Dark -almost- grey eyes. But are still very intriguing. His eyelashes are very long. His lip looks busted. Must have gotten into a fight.

Absentmindedly my eyes trail down -his very fit- body. I am not gawking though, most girls would. I have seen better.

He says a few things about me moving and how he will have to move me if I do not move myself.

He mumbles how weak I must be.

He underestimates me.



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