5 Men & a Baby (Which Is Me)

Abbi was always just normal and wanted to be normal. But as we all know u cant stay normal when u know 1Direction. Find out what happens when seh meets her greatest heartache with her favorite boys and there worst of enemiesin Five Men and a Baby (Which Is Me) ^_^ First book! No Hate! PleaseenjoY! <3<3


15. Chsp 15: WHAT IS GOING N?

Time blurred at the speed of love and adventure. I was in such a daze form all of the things that I had just realized. From what I could remember, ther was a under=water castle and a magical surbmarine. We couldn’t get into The Wanted’s magic castle, so we sat and thought. “How do we get in?” I asked quizzically. “I’m not sure.- WAIT! There’s words.” Said Zayn. “What do they say?” asked Louis. “Who is the best boy band ever of all time?” “Easy, said Louis, they probably made the answer themselves” “THE WANTED!” I screames. Nothing happened. “Why could we be wrong? Why would they make the answer anything but The Wanted?” “I can sense some spell that detects… TRUTH!” Zayn said, “I think it kknows when we’re lying, and only responds to the truth!” “THE BEST BOY BAND IS ONE DIRECTION” I screamed. The doors crackled open.

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