5 Men & a Baby (Which Is Me)

Abbi was always just normal and wanted to be normal. But as we all know u cant stay normal when u know 1Direction. Find out what happens when seh meets her greatest heartache with her favorite boys and there worst of enemiesin Five Men and a Baby (Which Is Me) ^_^ First book! No Hate! PleaseenjoY! <3<3


8. CHapter8: This Is Getting Weird

A couple weeks go by and we hang out a lot. Every day we go to the mall until they have to go to a concert.  I’m getting so excited.  Then the day finally comes.  I have all my bags packed and the tour bus pulls up.  Liam, Niall, and Harry poke their heads out of the window and says “Hey Abbi.  Are you ready for the tour?”  “Yes guys!”  They come inside to get my stuff.  My dad gives me a thumbs up.  I hear a *snap and turn around fast.  All my stuff is in the bus.  Wow!  How’d they do that?

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