5 Men & a Baby (Which Is Me)

Abbi was always just normal and wanted to be normal. But as we all know u cant stay normal when u know 1Direction. Find out what happens when seh meets her greatest heartache with her favorite boys and there worst of enemiesin Five Men and a Baby (Which Is Me) ^_^ First book! No Hate! PleaseenjoY! <3<3


10. Chap. 10

Stand Back Abigail.” Liam said. But only my dad would call that,and why should I stay back, I thought so many questions. “What are you guys doing here?” Zayn asked. Max George looked at Zayn with his dark brooding eyes and said “We caught your scent from a mile away,” he noticed me and a weird look came over him, “figurably I mean.” How did he mean by that, I thought. “I just WANTED [haha] to tell you guys that I’m a big fan of you guys,” I screamed excitedly. “No, Abigail, that’s not a good idea.!” Liam said. “But Liam they’re just a band that I like.” “No abby there a band of…….”

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