5 Men & a Baby (Which Is Me)

Abbi was always just normal and wanted to be normal. But as we all know u cant stay normal when u know 1Direction. Find out what happens when seh meets her greatest heartache with her favorite boys and there worst of enemiesin Five Men and a Baby (Which Is Me) ^_^ First book! No Hate! PleaseenjoY! <3<3


23. C23:

The ceiling was cracking and falling.  The ferocious of the battle and surprises was making my whole world come down figuratively and virtually.  Over the roar of the flames, Harry yelled:”Abbi!!! We need to get out of here!”  I felt myself being lifted and swing around like a rag doll.  I was in and out of consciences but I was woke up finally in a dark room.  “This is sin’t the hospital I said.”  Suddenly The Wanted walked into the room.  I re-coiled in terror!  Suddenly they all took off their faces and I closed my eyes in terror.  “Abbi”  I opened my one eye very small.  It was One Direction!  They had been wearing the wanted masks.  “Boy am I glad to see you guys!”  “How can you say that?  You’ve never seen us before?”

I was in shock.  “What do you mean?”  “You’ve been with The Wanted this whole time.  There’s something you don’t know yet.  Yes we are wizards and The Wanted are werelocks, but also you are a creation of all the elements that sing through the forests of the universe.  You were created by us.  We fathered you.  And you are the chosen one.  And you are destined to destroy The Wanted and restore balance to the universe.”

I looked at them with a stuff upper lip and said “Well, here we go again.”


<3Thanks 4 Reading!!!

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