20 Things you Probably Didn't Know About Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence


5. 16-20

16. She nearly turned down the role of Katniss Everdeen after witnessing the effect the role of Bella Swan had on Kristen Stewart's personal life. After thinking it over for three days, Lawrence accepted the role.

17. Believe it or not, Lawrence earned her SAG membership after appearing in a commercial for MTV's "My Super Sweet Sixteen." In the spot, she portrayed a hysterical spoiled rich girl.

18. Lawrence appeared in the 2009 music video "The Mess I Made," by the indie band Parachute.

19. While attending the 2013 Oscars (where she won Best Actress), she carried a phone, almonds, a Baby Ruth, and Laffy Taffy in her purse.

20. Besides being starstruck by Jeff Bridges on the red carpet, Lawrence is apparently also mildly obsessed with John Stamos. She admitted to following Stamos around at a party, saying "dude" and "Uncle Jesse" repeatedly.

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