The Shadownight Legacy

It's an epistolary XD I hope you guys like it :D


1. i - Author’s Note

So, before we get started – as my custom dictates – I’ve a note to leave. First of all, I’d just like to say: I have joined the most awesome Movellas family. No objections, it’s practically a fact by now. There cannot be a more awesome family on this site.

Cannot be.

You can bluff yourselves all you want.


Lol, when I first got invited, I didn’t even know what the point was to it. I mean, since the communication-death in the forums, I wasn’t exactly optimistic about socialising outside my circle of close Movellian friends (and even within that, big huge arguments). But that Leap of Faith paid itself off, and I love each and every one of my family members (even the ones that don’t really interact much). They’re funny, creative, and – they play along when I act childishly melodramatic.


About the Book

Okay, so those of you who’ve been keeping up with the Mock-Fictions series, this is going to be similar to that. As in that series – I’m a mercenary and maybe we’ll have some over-lapping characters, eh? (Like Khadir and Myra). I mean, those books are not going to get published and I’d rather not waste characters, or time thinking about names and attributes XD.


Unlike the series, however, there’s no Darim. Instead, I’m ‘married’ to a pirate (who I think has been unfairly described as someone with a serious drinking problem) named Thomas Rogue (those of you who know about my current pirate obsession and the reason for it – LAY OFF! I’ve no intention of dropping that obsession any time soon. It makes me happy!). Erm… we had dimensional shifting and time travel in the other book – hopefully we won’t have any of that in this one (because that would seriously complicate things). Just image this Rogue as an other-dimensional one. Still super awesome (lol), but is married and lives with her daughters, her nieces and their mother (we have no real male members XD We had to make them up).


Note to the Family

(I may be open to ridicule for this) Erm… I may have mentioned this elsewhere: that I’d add a tablespoon of reality and a teaspoon of context to this story. That means getting rid of the schools: Hogwarts and Camp Half-Blood; and presumably the mythological/extinct pets: so the mermaid, the unicorns, the dinosaur, etc. And the minions, I’m afraid.

(Yeah, non-family members: Please don’t ask).

The story has to make some kind of sense. I know it sucks, but if we have all these things added – too many things will be happening at once. Georgia will still be a witch, but not the Hogwarts kind. The more.. Wiccan/classical kind, like.


Just trying to make things fit in, because this’ll also be about our… “ancestors”. There will also be scenes that were not roleplayed – if anybody wants to re-coin the speech or action, feel free to just ask.



Because I know I do that, and it’s going to be no different in the book. There will be a family tree on display, for you guys to examine – so all the family members will be known. Hopefully… you’ll catch on from the names that are there.



I think you have enough to go on with. I wanted to discuss context – because it’s a little weird (damn, I don’t know where I get these ideas from…), but I think it’ll become clear as the story goes on.

Fyi, Queenie, the guns in use in this story – gunpowered. Not the slick kind we currently have. Get used to it.


There are other Shadownight publications up and running, if you guys want the story from all sides, with all the craziness and lack of context, there are a few lists, do check ‘em out. Our madness is positive, spend it around, don’t hate ;D.


So, without further ado, proceed and enjoy the story.



~ Aunt Midnight Shadownight-Rogue

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