The Shadownight Legacy

It's an epistolary XD I hope you guys like it :D


86. 47 - Extract from Queenie Shadownight's Journal

I may be in a state of shock and fury, but I have to write this down. It will stop me from taking my anger out on my family. But I will get to that later.


“I am not going, Queenie! Do not force me!” Bex roared at me though her closed door,

“Honestly, Bex!” Annabeth yelled, “You are being so difficult!”

“It’s a free country!” Bex yelled back. I laughed at that. It was what I would’ve yelled but she was still sulking and still in a bad mood.


But then I remembered something Ryan had said to me, Oh, your Aunt is Midnight, isn’t it? I had said yes, but then he had just paled. I hadn’t given it much thought until now, but now seemed like a good time to ask Midnight about it.


Holding the picture of him in my hand I descended the stairs, biting my lip. I knew I was stepping into dangerous waters, but I hadn’t known it then.


On the way down the stairs I bumped into Thomas. “Thomas!” I smiled,


“Is Midnight around?”

“Yeah, in the Kitchen.”

“Thanks.” I smiled again. It was nice weather so I had dressed accordingly. White Combat Skirt, white top, white jacket and white boots to match. I sighed outwards as I carried on. I was lost in thought but then I tripped, yelping. “Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry!” I scowled and picked myself up. It was a guy.


“My name’s Secrets, I was adopted along with a few others.”

“Right, okay. Why wasn’t I told any of this?”

Secret’s had a gun in his hand and was wearing some kind of high-tech armour. It looked cool, but I was fine with skirts, tops and boots. I just smiled, nodded and carried on my way. “If you want to burn the World down! Just call!” Secrets called and I laughed. I was still a Chess Piece in my heart.

Oh to burn the World down.

Bring Humanity to its knees.


Watch my families faces as I burned London to ashes.


Not a bad idea, actually.


I found Midnight in the Kitchen, opening cupboards frantically. “Hello, Midnight.” I smiled, leaning against the doorframe, my arms crossed.

“Queenie. How are you?”


“You sound uncertain.”

“I have a right to be.”

“Since when?”

“Since always.”

“Anyway,” Midnight carried on, “What do you need? A gun? Alcohol? Weapons?”


I laughed. It was brilliant, the way Midnight could read my mind. But I didn’t need it now. “Do you know a man called ‘Ryan Christopher Hamel’?” I asked, tilting my head.

“Why?” Midnight asked, her tone was careful, as if she was...hiding something.

“He’s my...boyfriend.” I replied


Good Lord!” Thomas yelled, “Queenie has a boyfriend!

“Shut up.” I snarled, my hand inched towards my weapon, but brining it out now would destroy the Manor. Not brilliant.


“Queenie, how is Ryan Christopher your boyfriend?” Midnight asked, confusion was all over her face.

“We work in the same Cohort and it kind of clicked.”

“That’s not what I meant.” Midnight continued. “He didn’t tell you?”

“Tell me what?” I asked, swallowing.


I had been expecting something like he was an assassin, or a psycho. Or something along those lines. But what Midnight said next shattered my heart.


“Ryan is a married man, Queenie. He has a wife on the Isle of Man, and a son. He worked for me for two years before he transferred to Poland”

“But...he...why...” I couldn’t form words. I was in shock.


I felt as if my heart had been stabbed and sliced. I couldn’t feel anything.


I didn’t feel anything as someone slammed their boots into the small of my back, sending me onto the ground. I felt nothing as I curled up.




“Is she awake yet?”

“It’s been three hours.”

“She’s never been out for any time longer than two and a half hours.”


I forced myself into a sitting position. I saw the faces of my siblings, and a few I didn’t recognize.

“I’m sorry for hitting you in the back.” A girl said, she was young, really young, around the age of 14. But she was a tough girl. Secrets was there too, leaning against the wall.


But I didn’t get to see everyone else before Zoe gave me a hug. It was tight.

And Painful.

Everything was painful.


Twice my heart had been broken. I had waited eight years before opening my heart again, but it had only got shattered.


Ryan would die. And he would die by my hand.


I narrowed my eyes. “Zoe, move back!” Midnight yelled. Midnight had seen that look in my eyes all too often and before I could leap out of that bed I was given a concussion and battered by Thomas. I whimpered and scowled.


Bex had left, so had Annabeth, Evelyn, Saffron, and Hope. I didn’t care.


But I had made my promises and I intended to see them through to the end.


Battle scars are trophies.


That was my motto. Short and sweet, but it had meaning. I just lay there, thinking of the many ways I could kill Ryan.


I hated Midnight for telling me, but I was glad that she had told me. But my train of thought crashed when mum walked into the room.

“What happened this time, Queenie?”

I opened my mouth but no words came out. After a minute of trying to form a sentence a few words came out. “Ryan was married. He lied.”

Mum sighed and rested her head on her hands. I smiled slightly. “Just keep your heart open, Queenie. You will find someone.”

“Mine probably got crushed.” I muttered.


But what shocked me was that mum laughed. I smiled. I could leave my heart open.

“Mum, could you get Bex for me?”

“Of course, darling.”

“Don’t call me that.”





It was a few minutes but Bex walked in. Hands stuffed in her pockets, her head low. I smiled and pulled myself up. “Bex.”

Bex didn’t look at me, she kept her head low.

“Bex. Look at me.”

She lifted her head.

“How about I show you my weapon?”

“Now?” The excitement that came over Bex sent waves of joy though me. We had always shared a common love. Weapons.


“Well, we’d better get a move on. I’m not having myself get beaten up by Thomas.”

“I’ll get your weapon!” Bex smiled.

“No! Don’t touch it!” I yelped. I sighed and walked over to the table next to the door and picked up the box.

“Seriously?” Bex asked, raising an eyebrow.

“It’s more than you think.” I replied.


I leapt over the fence, we were finally there, a huge, boring, dull field. Ready to destroy. I smiled. I took out the box and flicked the switch. I saw Bex’s face as the box changed into a rifle. I smiled and ran, I shoot at the ground, which vaulted myself up. As I flipped though the air I pulled another switch. As I raced towards the ground my scythe came out. As I hit the ground I rolled and flipped myself up so I was standing on the scythe. I leaned down and pulled the Trigger, the Scythe and I flipping back. I dug the Scythe into the ground, making an arc around me, dirt flying out. I raised my head and looked at Bex.


Her jaw was open and she was in shock. I laughed and flipped myself over to Bex, using my Scythe to aid me. I quickly got her in headlock and we both laughed. It was like the old times. When Bex would much something up and get all mad, then I would be the one to make her laugh and she would spend five hours perfecting it.


I used to annoy her by saying comments on how to improve even when it was perfect. It was joy for me but irritating for her. I swung my arm over Bex’s shoulders  and I promised her I would take her into Town soon.


But I didn’t know how long it would be until I had to return back to Poland.


I didn’t know how long it would take Kenny to wake up.


I didn’t know if I could face Ryan – the man who lied – again.


I didn’t know if I was as strong as I had been.


I didn’t know myself anymore.

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