The Shadownight Legacy

It's an epistolary XD I hope you guys like it :D


85. 46 - Extract from the diary of Zoe Shadownight

It’s been two weeks since Kenny came home.

It’s been one week since Queenie came home.

Yet with us all together only brings more fights and more combat into the house.


The day Queenie came home you could hear her scream from our room after dinner. Being the kind, gentle young woman I was I had rushed to her aid to see her kneeling on the ground, holding a letter to her chest and sobbing as if her heart would break.


I had crouched next to her and stroked her back.

She didn’t even acknowledge me, she just kept on sobbing.


“Queenie…” I began, “I know-“

“You know nothing of this.” Was her reply, “He was not even be there when I return!”

“Who’s he?” I asked, not knowing what I was stepping into.

“My…my…boyfriend.” She whispered,


I froze.

Queenie, with a boyfriend.

“Oh, right. Does anyone else know about your relationship?”

“No…not…not even the others in my Cohort.” She whispered back.


Me, not really knowing what to say just left her there and went back downstairs to the rest of the family.


Mum and dad was talking to Bex, well, trying to calm her down at least. But Bex wasn’t having any of it. “She treated us like vermin!” Bex roared. It was like Queenie.

“She had just come back from war!” Dad yelled back, “Maybe if you had seen your friends die right in front of you, you would have more respect!

“I don’t care.” Bex replied.


Then I stepped in, either one of the most stupidest or bravest things I had done. “Bex, if you had heard Queenie’s scream and seen the tears streaming down her cheeks you would understand. So, if I were you, I would check on your older sister who helped you right now!”

“Fine. If it makes you happy.” Bex snarled, she bared her teeth, making me chuckle under my breath. Bex walked off, adjusting the swords on her back slightly.


No doubt Queenie and Bex would have a yelling match, but we had got used to them so it would be nothing. As for myself, I wanted to curl up with a book in one of the huge armchairs in the Library, it was a habit of mine when I was younger and it had helped me escape the problems that the family had. However, I was faced with a problem, I had read every book in the Library five times each. I just picked up an old favourite: The Lord of the Rings and I began reading, letting reality fade out and immersing myself into the fictional world.


Half an hour later, the fictional world I had been in was shattered by the sound of a window smashing. I stood and slammed the book down on the chair before storming up to the room Queenie and I shared. Halfway up the stairs I saw the shattered window with Bex standing at the windowsill, blood trickling down her face from a gash on her forehead. “You threw Queenie out of the window!” I yelled at her, my vision going red. Before I knew what was happening I had grabbed Bex and slammed her against the wall. Bex, already weak from the fight, sunk to the ground slowly. But I didn’t go back to check on her, I went back to the window and looked down at my sister, She was in a crouch facing the house, her cloak billowing behind her in the wind. She raised her head and I saw her hair flying behind her, however, this wasn’t the Queenie I had known, the Queenie who threw people out of the window.


Queenie wasn’t the one to be thrown out of the window.



“Queenie! Are you alright!” I called down to her, “I saw the shattered window, looks like nothing changed.”

“Oh shut up!” Queenie laughed and drew something from behind her back.

It was a gun. I gasped and was frozen to the spot. I watched in awe and fear as she quickly changed her gun into a scythe. “What the hell is that, Queenie!” I yelled.

“My weapon!” She yelled back, “Stand back, I don’t want to stab you.”


I obliged. I didn’t want to be on that scythe, but in a flash I heard metal digging into brick and in a second more she was standing next to me, retracting her Scythe into the gun, putting it back to where it had come from. “So, what happened this time?” I asked her, all she did was laugh.

“I’ll explain it all later, as for now, I need to unwind with a book. Got any spares?” She asked, a smile on her face, it shocked me of how much she had changed since she was eighteen. We had both been at war, yet we still loved each other dearly. I laughed and lead her down to the library, chatting as if nothing had changed.




As I opened my eyes I glanced at the clock, it was 23:29. I sighed and lay back down on my bed, rolling over so I could see the bed that was now occupied by Queenie, but she wasn’t asleep. She was sitting on the edge of her bed, her body bent over her knees, reading something. I just kept my mouth shut and closed my eyes. But I couldn’t sleep now, too many questions were running through my mind: Why wasn’t she asleep?

What was in that letter?

Who was her boyfriend?

And what didn’t I understand?


I sighed and swung myself out of bed, making Queenie jump slightly, but she still held onto the letter. “Do you want to talk about it?” I asked, but all she did was shake her head. It hurt me a little, when we were younger we always were together, when we first moved to Shadownight Manor Queenie had helped me love horses and I had helped her find peace in a fictional world.


I walked over to Queenie, leaping over floorboards that creaked and gently wrapped my arms around her in a hug. “I’ve missed you, sis.” I whispered, I felt her smile and she gently put her arms around me, I smiled as she whispered in reply: “I’ve missed all you of, especially you and not so especially Bex.”


I laughed hard and long, but I laughed quietly, at first I had seen Queenie trying to hold in her laughter but it didn’t work, soon we were both laughing. It was like we had never aged, we may be adults now, but we still have the personality of kids.


Queenie stopped laughing slowly and she lent to me to whisper something, “Hey, how about I show you my weapon tomorrow.”

“Deal, my promise me something.”


She paused now, as if she was weighing out her options, but then, she finally replied to my question, “Yes?”

“You and Bex resolve this issue and see if you know anything about a Coma so we can get Kenny back.”

“Fine.” She scowled, “I’ll do my best.”

“Good, th-“ I began, but got interrupted at usual.

“But I am not having Bex  having Bex touch my weapon.”

“Fine.” I laughed, holding my stomach, I had a stich.


At least one part of my heart had been healed, the last part that had to be healed was Kenny coming back to us, with her annoying questions but her tough attitude.


At last I felt peace and I knew that my life was slowly repairing itself, for now, that is.

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