The Shadownight Legacy

It's an epistolary XD I hope you guys like it :D


84. 45 - Letter to Queenie Shadownight



I know you have only just left the Compound and you are most likely on your way to the Port now but by the time you get this we may, or may not still be here.


Our supplies are slowly coming down


The enemy could advance on us any day and we could be short of many people.

You make up those many people.


I know about your sister and I know about your family motto: “No enemies, no allies, a single loyalty.” But please, if you need any one of us, we will help you.


Please do not bother in replying to this letter.


Just leave me hanging, it helps. It really does.


Anyway, I know we got off to a shaky start when you joined but I believe that we have become more than ‘Partners in Combat’ in the seven years you have been with us. “Captain”.


Thank you once again.


Ryan Christopher Hamel.

Your partner and more in Combat

Stiletto Compound.


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