The Shadownight Legacy

It's an epistolary XD I hope you guys like it :D


83. 44 - Continued Extract from Queenie Shadownight's Journal

My weapon was re-stocked with bullets in a matter of seconds. The old bullet case was lying on the floor next to me. My scythe was aimed at the person.

It must be a man, no woman would’ve had that tone of voice.


“Ah, Miss Shadownight, you were always one for breaking the loop or cutting away first.”

“Who the hell are you!” I shouted. The wind blew my hair in front of my face and carried the words easily to the man; I brushed the stands away with my left hand. “You should know who I am. After all, I was the person who gave you your first ever full assignment.”

I drew in a sharp breath. “Ulysses” I whispered.


Ulysses had been my mentor when I had been with The Chess Pieces. He had given me my assignment of killing the Earl of Richmond. I had done it cleanly and he was impressed.

In those few days I was at The Chess Piece hideout, I had felt that smugness radiating from me. The other pawns were scared of me. The knights still didn’t care. They would never care for us.

Why would they?


Ulysses was a black bishop. His robes were as dark as the night and the hood was pulled off his face. He was so much older, his face had the wrinkles that I knew would come and the black stubble on his chin was laced with the white hairs of age.


“We were wondering if you were ever going to come back.” He whispered. The words barely reached me.

“I didn’t want to work for you and your sick schemes of bringing the World to its knees and leaving humanity to suffer.”

“That is our duty and it is what we shall do.” He whispered again.


I halted. It was the same words I had spoken for my oath before my first mission. They had been tattooed on the inside of my right arm. The words were so clear when I was fighting. The members in Stiletto had asked many times but all I had done was look to the ground and say nothing.

After two years of pestering they gave up.


Ulysses walked closer to me slowly and I fired bullets. They went wild. Those that went near to Ulysses didn’t harm him. One bullet went straight at him but he deflected it with his sword. I swallowed and backed away, my breathing turning fast and harsh.


I turned.

I turned and ran.

I’m not the type of run and hide but this wasn’t right. I glanced at my watch as I ran. Six o’clock.

Dinner time!

I swung my scythe up and it compacted into the gun. It would take time to put it into its box so I left it and slammed it onto my belt.


The edge of the forest was in view and I could make it.

To hell with crawling. I’d have to climb and vault over the fence.

As I launched myself at the fence and scrambled up, my boots easily finding the gaps in the linked fence. As I approached the top I vaulted over the top and landed in a crouch. I rolled up and sprinted towards the house. I was in shock. I threw up my hood. I didn’t want to look back.

To look back would hurt me.

To look back wouldn’t help my current state.

To look back I could fall.


The back door was in sight. To be honest, it had been in walking distance. The back door lead to the Kitchen and the Kitchen was next to the Dining Room.

It was time for my grand return.


“REBECCA SHADOWNIGHT! GET TO THE TABLE RIGHT NOW!” Mum’s voice yelled through the walls. I bit my lip, forcing a laugh down. I walked back a few steps and pressed my body against the wall. I peeked around and saw Bex come back up. Her hair was long and in a tight ponytail high up on her head. She had two swords strapped to her back.

From my view, they were wonky and she wouldn’t be able to get them in time. She had blades over her body and she was poised, elegant. She was what I could have looked like at twenty-three.


Bex must have got a job by now. She was probably working as a training instructor at some combat place. Kenny didn’t have a job, since she was in a coma.

But the others… I wasn’t sure. I hadn’t been told much to be honest, it had made me feel bad.


I heard the scraping of chairs and knives and forks scraping along plates. I heard a few polite comments. “Mum, when’s Queenie coming back?” someone asked.

“Queenie’s –“ someone begun

“Queenie should be back soon.” Mum said.

I laughed, it was hollow and somewhat psychotic. I walked forward and kept my head down. I glanced up from under my hood as I stood in the doorway of the Dining room. Bex had stood up and had her blades in her hands. Zoe had both of her eyebrows raised.

Mum and Midnight said nothing.


I walked forward and looked up, pulling my hood off. “Bex, do you not remember me?” I whispered, my voice seemed loud, even to my own ears.

“Queenie?” Bex whispered back. I smiled hugged her. The swords she had been holding fell to the ground and before they could impale our feet I caught them by the blade.


“Queenie!” Mum cried, “Your hands!”

“Hmm?” I asked, turning. “Oh, my hands.” I put the blades on my belt and looked at them, “Nope, no cuts.”

“What the-“ Bex begun.

“Not important.” I snarled.


“Really? Really, Queenie?” Bex yelled back. “You go for seven years and this is how you treat us when you get back? All cold and harsh? I expected better of you.”

“I returned to help with my sister. If you don’t want me here then leave! Just go!” I yelled.

“Queenie! Rebecca!” Asa yelled. I turned and sighed.

I didn’t want the whole family here because it would be painful.


I shoved my hands in the pockets of my skirt and grasped the letter tightly. I knew that the letter could contain anything, from good news to bad news.

From news of death to news of peace. I turned and stalked out, shoving Asa out of the way.


I didn’t want to be nice to my family anymore.

They weren’t going to be rational to me.

So why should I be rational to them?


But that letter had to be read.

And it had to be read now.

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