The Shadownight Legacy

It's an epistolary XD I hope you guys like it :D


82. 43 - Extract from Queenie Shadownight's Journal

Kenny’s trail is over.

7 years she suffered.

7 years she was forced to kill for people’s entertainment.

7 years have gone by.


It’s been so long since I was home. I left two weeks after Brynna got married to Trevor Stoll. When she got married she was no longer a Shadownight. Zoe probably had a new life, same with Bex.


Me, I was in Poland, fighting a war which had no point to it anymore. I was the youngest person to be sent to the top group, Stiletto. I had made my way there at nineteen and learnt the ropes quickly. You stay hidden, you don’t complain and you do what you’re told.

Whether you like it or not.

Even the tasks that make you cringe.

I learnt that long ago.


The man I met at Brynna’s wedding, Ryan Hamel, was in the same group as me. He had helped me with my shooting and in return I had helped him with sword work.

Since Bex had given me a sword for my nineteenth birthday with a note saying I had to take it, I had no other option. That sword had saved my life too many times to count.


The streets were filled with fighting and, in some areas, littered with corpses, friend and foe. Alas, to tell too much would bring back cruel memories that I would like to leave behind in my second home.



After being on the ship for five days, I was glad to finally see the port. I had slung my bag over my shoulder and leapt up onto the banister. People realized who I was and kept out of the way. Those in war are respected.

The second the ship had come into port I leapt, making the people on the dock scatter. I rolled and got up, smiling.

I only stayed still for a fraction of a second before I was off.

I was sprinting down roads and leaping over small fences.

Running from people who were going to kill you was really good exercise to be honest.

No one would recognize me now. Not at all. I had dyed my hair from black to brown and my clothing attire had changed dramatically.

My Combat attire was a black combat skirt and a black strap top. I wore thick black tights with my combat boots. And, to finish the look, a red cloak with a hood. It made me look ‘innocent’ but I was still dangerous.


My weapon, a sniper rifle, changes into a scythe and can also change into a gun. The scythe could fire bullets as well. I was able to stand on the scythe ‘s long handle with ease.

It all compacted into a small, lightweight gun. Flick the safety off and it expanded into my sniper rifle.

My weapon was dangerous if used in the wrong hands. And the right hands.


I took a six month safety course with it and since I had one of the more dangerous weapons, I was able to take on the harder missions. On my first mission with it, I had nearly cut myself but I did manage to destroy about 50 enemy soldiers. When I had returned back to my base, I felt like I actually belonged there.


I saw Shadownight manor come up into view, it would take me around two more minutes to get there, if I kept going at this speed. I slowed myself down as I approached the gate. I took my necklace out and took it off my neck. I pushed open the gate and silently walked over to the front door. I inserted the key in the lock and pushed the door open. I threw up the hood of my cloak and shut the door behind me. Time to see the family again.



Silence was through the whole manor. I could hear the quiet sounds of combat from the Training Room below me. No music, no yelling.

What had happened?

Was everyone dead?


Then a loud yell echoed through the whole house, “You said she would be here, Georgie! You promised! If she isn’t here in a week, I’ll beat her up badly.”

Well, Midnight hadn’t changed one little bit.

“Midnight, please, listen.” My mother cried. “We don’t know how long it took her to get there! There could be problems at the port.”

“You don’t even know why she left!” Midnight yelled, “That proves something!”

“Like what?” Georgia yelled.

“That she has minimal trust in the whole family!”

“Oh shut your mouth!” Georgia yelled.


It had been good to hear that my mother was standing up for herself. I smiled and silently walked down the halls. I was about to walk past the grand dining room but pulled myself back just in time.

My mother and Midnight were there.

“You don’t know why she left either, Midnight, so don’t you have a go at me.”


That was when I decided to show my face.

She left because she wanted to.” I said, my voice sounded different, even to my own ears.

“Who the hell are you?!” Midnight snarled.

“You should know, Midnight. You trained me yourself.”

I walked out from behind the wall and stood in the doorway, my head down, hood still up.


“ that you?” Georgia asked.

“Oh, come on. Who else would it be?” I muttered.

I raised my head and threw back my hood, revealing my face. I looked at my mother but in the blink of an eye she launched herself at me, giving me perhaps one of the strongest hugs she ever could. Tears fell down her face and I looked up at Midnight, my eyes cold. “Welcome back, Queenie.” Was all she said to me.

That was it.

It wasn’t decorated with flowers and coated in sugar.

Blunt as always.

It was typical Midnight.


I pulled away from my mother and looked at her, “Where’s Kennedy?”

“Queenie I don’t think –”

“She is my sister and I want to see her!” I snarled, baring my teeth.

“She’s up in her room.” My mother said quietly. I nodded my thanks and left.


As I walked past the front door I noticed the letter on the table. Captain Shadownight. In Stiletto, it was a joke. We didn’t have a leader, so we all called each other ‘Captain’. Unless it was addressed to one of my sisters, which I knew it wouldn’t have been. I was the only person able to open it. But that would come later.

Kennedy was the only reason I was here in the first place. As I approached the stairs I took a breath. I couldn’t let any of the family see me. It would be a surprise for dinner. I could always climb up the wall, but that also had a risk.

Looked like it would have to be the stairs.


I glanced across the hallway. No one was there. Thankfully. I dashed across the hallway to Kennedy’s room. I rubbed my eyes as I knocked on the door, “Go away, Midnight! I haven’t seen Kennedy in seven years! All I want is five minutes with her!” A voice yelled.

I knew that voice.

Zoe. My triplet.


I pushed open the door quietly and turned as I shut the door. “You’’re not Midnight.”

“No. I am not Midnight.” I replied, my voice a whisper, it was cold. It was harsh. Of course Zoe wouldn’t think it was me.

“MIDNIGHT!” Zoe screamed.

I swore and dashed over to Zoe, clamping my hand over her mouth. “Shut up, just shut the hell up. No-one knows I’m here apart from mother, Midnight and you. So, if you don’t want the whole family coming in here, I suggest you shut up.” I hissed.

Zoe did as I said.


“Well. You came back.” She whispered, there was hate in her voice. It was clear.

“Be grateful I did!” I snarled. “I came back after seven years. Father came back after 12. I did better than him.”

“You will never be like father! Don’t compare yourself to him.”


What she said hurt me. From what mother had told me, Zoe was still in depression.

My return had made it worse.

I walked over to the bed and looked at Kennedy. She looked calm, but I didn’t know.

I would never know.

I had been kept out of the loop for too long.


“When did they get back?” I whispered, I didn’t face Zoe. I couldn’t bear to even look at her. I would either let my anger out or break down.

I couldn’t let either happen.

“They got back a week ago. Mum was worried about how long it would take for you to get back.”

“Okay.” That’s all I said. “What were the updates that Midnight sent to you?”

“Well, they were sent to mum but they talked about how things were, how Des had got a boyfriend. There was very little on Kenny because Midnight couldn’t see her often.”

“That’s good to hear.”

“Do you want to see the letters she wrote?”


I shook my head, pulling my head up. “Do you mind if I leave by the window?”

“I don’t really see why you would but you can.”

I smiled and walked over to the window and undid the latch. “If you want your return to be a surprise, don’t go straight down, Annabeth is in the room below”

“Thank you, Zoe.” I whispered. I got up onto the windowsill and lowered myself down. I held onto the bricks and scrambled down. The second my feet touched the grass I ran, as fast as I could and as hard as I could.

No one could see my weapon.

Bex would be envious.

Midnight would want a look.

Someone would use it and destroy something.


As I approached the gate I smiled. The small hole I had made in the fence when I was eighteen. The same hole I had used to get out of the manor and to do whatever job The Chess Pieces wanted me to do.

I was out of the loop with them.

They wouldn’t care.

I had only been a pawn.


I crouched down and pulled out my knife. I began to cut through some of the old wire. It was so much easier to cut though now. Less of a hassle.

I was finally finished.

Time to get to work.

I’d need a large space with no trees or crops. I didn’t want to be held responsible for the murder of a dozen plants.

But there was too many of them anyway.


The empty field lay before me. No crops, just grass. Pure green grass. Perfect for ruining.

Harsh of me, yes.

Brutal of me, yes.

Did I care? No.

I took out my weapons from my belt and flicked the minute switch. Within milliseconds it was in rifle form. I pulled the trigger, aiming at the ground, mud spraying everywhere.

As I hit the ground I rolled and back flipped up, flicking another switch. I flipped again as the rifle quickly changed into my second weapon, the scythe. The point dug into the ground and I looked over my right shoulder. I back flipped, my hands gripping into the worn leather handle and I landed perfectly, my boots balancing me on the shaft of my weapon. I flicked another switch and I flew backwards, I leapt off and swung myself around and dug the blade in as I skidded backwards. I looked up and turned as I pulled the trigger, bullets roaring from the minute hole next to the blade of my scythe. I grinned to myself as I crouched slightly.

Time to bring out the speed. I thought as I kicked the speed control off.

To be honest. I will never get over how fast it goes in those few seconds.


I shot off down the field too fast for almost anyone to see. If they did see me. All they would see is a blur of black and red. My boots slammed onto the ground and I leapt up again, spinning in a circle, not touching the ground but killing those demons who had come from my head into this field.


I opened my eyes and looked at where I was now. Couched, on the ground. My head lowered.

As I raised myself up I turned, hearing the noise of clapping, it was slow, and it was mocking me.

“You haven’t changed one bit have you, Miss Shadownight.”

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