The Shadownight Legacy

It's an epistolary XD I hope you guys like it :D


78. 39 – A Letter to Georgia Shadownight from Midnight Shadownight-Rogue



I’m so happy to hear that Trevor and Brynna have tied the knot at last. I’m sorry we couldn’t be around for the wedding, or the send-off – but I am glad to hear that the newly-wed Stoll couple are coming to Rome to watch Kenny’s final game (and for their honeymoon, sure).

You need not worry. I’ve watched each and every one of her games closely. She’s got it in the bag. She’s quite good, but her trainer refuses to allow me to see her often, so I’m sorry I can’t give you a more thorough update.


How are the rest of the kids, by the way?


You mentioned in your last letter that Queenie’s been behaving. It’s good to know, albeit shocking to comprehend. Maybe she’s growing up (although, I wouldn’t bet on that). Has she found anyone since, you know, the Robert Incident? There are plenty of good-looking Venetian boys around, if you’re interested in sending her here. I must say, the Florentines pull to the lead though.

I’m kidding, in case you didn’t get that.


Des, Kitty and Ginny are fine.

I worry about Kitty’s lonesome habits. She keeps to herself a lot. I hope it’s just phase. Thomas, a magician at annoyance, tries to bring her out a little, but maybe she’s calm, patient and collected like your Brynna and Zoe, eh? Mature and adult.

Ginny, on the other hand, has gone in the opposite direction. I think she takes after both her parents in that she can’t seem to keep still. She’s also got into the habit of breaking the hearts of a substantial number of young Italian men. I hope it’s the kind of thing that blows over. Nobody likes a tease. Might take her to Normandy with me and enrol her later.

Oh, ask Queenie about that too for me, will you? I’d hate for her to move to her father’s place, in icky-sticky Bengal.


And Des. Ah, Des. Thomas still doesn’t like the idea of Ted. Up until recently, I was trying to help him cope – but Ted’s a vegan, a pacifist, and part of the Peace Corp.

Boy, won’t that guy have a hard time fitting in, am I right?

But the relationship stands. Maybe it’ll be good for Des, keep her out of the trouble that I and her father make. Still, Thomas does his best to drop Ted a sing-songy threat daily.

Poor boy.

Only yesterday, he went around singing Edwin in the Lowlands Low. If you’re unfamiliar with that, it’s a ballad about a father who kills his daughter’s lover.

If you’re laughing, it really isn’t funny.

No proposals yet, though, so we’re good for the moment.


I’m trying to think if I’ve missed anything out, seeing as the cab’s waiting for us… No, that’ll be all for now. We’re heading to Rome this moment.

Thomas sends his regards,


Your sister,

Midnight Shadownight-Rogue,


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