The Shadownight Legacy

It's an epistolary XD I hope you guys like it :D


76. 37 – Report on the Freeing of Hero Kennedy Shadownight

Information Regarding the Victorious


Name: Kennedy Shadownight


Place of Birth: Unknown


Age at Beginning of Tournament: 12 years.


Age at End of Tournament: 19 years.


Name of Gladiatorial School: Roma Gladiatorial Training School (for the first four years and then transferred to), Bellona Gladiatorial Training School (for the final three years).


Weapon of Choice: Excellent shot with a bow and arrow. Decent fighter with a short sword. Defence techniques are excellent. Weaknesses lie in fights without weapons.



Information Regarding the Defeated


Name of Final Opponent: Thierry de Kare-Silver.


Age: 18 years.


Name of Gladiatorial School: Mars Gladiatorial Training School.


Method of Death: Suffocation and internal bleeding.



Information Regarding Awards and Etc.


Title Achieved: Hero – last and final title as a gladiator.


Prize: Palazzo diShadownight – villa in Florence.


Date of Departure: Still to be given by apparent guardians: Ms Mariqah de Saint-Omer and Mr Roger Turncoat.



Admin Signature(s): Pending.


Guardian Signature(s): Both pending.



Hero Signature: Pending.

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