The Shadownight Legacy

It's an epistolary XD I hope you guys like it :D


72. – Extract from the Diary of Captain Thomas Rogue

“Oh, my God,” Midnight mumbled.

“Oh, my God,” I mumbled with her.

“I kissed a pirate.”

“I kissed a mercenary.”
She sighed and rubbed her forehead, “I never should have come to the Americas.”

“Ye ne’er should have come t’the Americas.”

We both sighed.

She kissed me again, her hands on my chest, “I God-damn hate you.”
I smiled a little, “Aye, you’re very good at showing’t.”


She sat up, her back to me, and brushed her unruly hair with her fingers, “This… this can’t have happened.”
“I didn’t,” I said, sitting up next to her, “’twas just a dream.”

She scowled at me, “Shut up.”

My smiled broadened and she punched me. I laughed and she punched me again.

“Quite a pair we make,” I scoffed, rubbing the side of my face. I looked up at her. There was something in her eyes, something that made me soften.


“What’s wrong?”

She climbed down and without looking at me, “Nothing. Everything. You,” she put her clothes on.

“Big compliment, that.”
“Optimism is good for you,” she sneered, “keep at it.”
“Come on, don’t be bitter.”

She paused, “What are you going to do about–?”

“I’m not goin’ t’let ye kill Marigold just because ye say he’s a traitor, a’right? I may like ye, a little bit or a lot, but I damn-well don’t trust ye. No offence,” I climbed down and started pulling on clothes of my own.

She shrugged, “The feeling’s mutual.”
“Ye don’t resent me for my choices then?”

“They’ll come back to haunt you, soon enough. I’ll have to break off my contract, though.”


“Won’t be easy. Those Chess Piece fellows like a job done. They don’t take kindly to failure,” she gave me a look, “or unnecessary distractions.”

“From nothin’ and everyth’un, to unnecessary distraction? Come on. Ye know which one I am.”
“Mm. The latter.”

“Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. However much illogical.”

“I love you.”

She snapped her head at me and frowned, “What?”

“I love you,” I repeated, bluntly.

“I’ve always said it’s better out than in,” I said, promptly, sitting on my bed and pulling on my boots, “I’m not much in the way o’ upper-waist feelin’s, lass. Not much o’ a romantic, I. But you…” I touched my chest, “ye stirred someth’un. Why do ye think I ain’t throwin’ you t’the dogs?”

Midnight looked uneasy, “You enjoyed your spot of entertainment, and are too sore and tired?” she suggested.

“As true as that might be, no. My first loyalty is t’Nassau.”

“And you’re second is to your loins?”

No. I have no other loyalties. But ye’re… different, like. Normally, I’d’ve had ye hanged, lass. But…”
“But I don’t suppose you fall in love with all the perjurers you meet? Even if I’m not one?”


“I’ve fallen in love wi’ my fair few o’ frauds. But not one like you. Nonetheless,” I took a step towards her, putting my hands on her hips, “I don’t suppose my feelings’re reciprocated?”

“God, no.”
“Then, here’s what I’ll offer. I can’t have ye kill an innocent–”


“An innocent man, but I’ll stay true t’my word, eh? I’ll take you t’ Normandy and I’ll leave you there and, given that ye stay in Europe – which I suppose you’ll do?”

“God, yes.”

“You’ll ne’er see me again. Sound like a plausible remedy?”
She paused, as if the idea troubled her, but she conceded eventually, “Yes. It does, actually. Can we get going?”

“Aye. Let me just round up my lot,” I said, putting on my hat.



“Don’t tell anyone about this.”
“Of course.”

“Absolutely no-one, Thomas. Not a soul.”

“On my father’s grave.”

“I mean it, Thomas.”

“Aye, aye. No-one wants t’know ye think Marigold is a traitor. I got’t,” I walked out as she made a face of pure contempt. It made me smirk.

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