The Shadownight Legacy

It's an epistolary XD I hope you guys like it :D


63. 33 – Extract from Georgia Shadownight’s Journal

Travis and Brynna are engaged.


We went shopping for dresses today, Asa and Trevor accompanied us. Asa didn’t seem at all too pleased with waiting and watching. With as much adrenaline that pumps through that man’s veins, I didn’t think sitting still and admiring good clothes was his kind of hobby.

I was right.

He walked out almost five minutes after being in the store, and said he and Trevor would be pigging-out at a restaurant until we were done.

Brynna reminded them both that they were on a strict wedding diet.

As if they’d care for such information.


It was nice, us girls having our time together, doing something completely normal for a change. Queenie looked bored when everyone else was picking their dresses – probably wishing she’d joined the boys on their eat-out – and then she looked horrified when we picked out a bright pink dress for her.

“That thing is hideous!” she’d spat, “It’s pink. Like bright pink. And sheer. And short. And, and… uncomfortable!”

Brynna forced a laugh at her reaction, “You can’t wear leathers and trackies to my wedding, Queenie.”

Queenie pouted, “Why not?”
“Because,” Brynna glowered at her, “I’m the bride and I said so.”

Queenie, who was still recuperating from her injured leg, leaned against her crutches and muttered, “Wish I’d gotten kidnapped…” and limped her way to a cubicle to try on her dress.


Brynna had picked her sisters Zoe and Queenie to be her bridesmaids. In the absence of her little sister and her little cousins, Brynna conceded to allowing Bex to be her ring-bearer and for Evelyn and Annabeth to be her flower-girls.

I remember she’d grumbled, “But they’re too old for that! Those positions are supposed to be for the cute and little ones!”

Asa had yawned and said, “The cute and little ones aren’t here.”

Everyone had stared at him and he’d shrugged.

“Is there no-one in Trevor’s family that could take up these positions?” asked Brynna, almost sulkily.

“If you want your flower-girls to be boys…” he said, mumbling as if she might take his head, “Then, yeah. Of course, darling.”

It was nice to see Brynna coming out of her otherwise silent and simple character (albeit, there was a lot of whining and complaining on her part. But I remember what I was like when I was getting married for the first and then the second time – and, looking back, Brynna wasn’t too bad).

Midnight wasn’t too complacent about her wedding. She was about thirty-three when she got married to a thirty-nine-year-old Tom, and she was very care-free about how he managed it. They’re wedding was… interesting. Tom probably didn’t remember the ending of it – he was passed-out drunk pretty much after the vows – and there were a lot of burly, dangerous looking young men about. The scenery was nice, I remember – we were on a ship. In the middle of the ocean. Somewhere. And I wouldn’t have called Midnight a striking bride. I suppose her dress was white enough, though… she wasn’t the prettiest of women. Military probably does that to you.


Just goes to show – a little bit of complacency can go a long way.


I wonder how Midnight and Kennedy are… I’ve missed them so. Tom and my nieces as well, but he was never around much anyway. I just hope they’re all safe, and Kennedy is on her way home.


I pray and hope it so.

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