The Shadownight Legacy

It's an epistolary XD I hope you guys like it :D


6. 3 – Extract from The Shadownight-Rogue Marital Contract



56. Though the female counterpart will take on the male counterpart’s surname, any children to be born of this union will be christened with the surname of the female counterpart: “Shadownight”.

57. The male counterpart will be responsible for naming all children (if any), in compensation for Point #56.

58. The male counterpart will be permitted to pirate (as is his profession) for exactly eighteen months, and then he must return (or, if delayed, must try to return) to the home of the his wife and children (if any) and stay for eighteen months at a minimum. This point may be dismissed in the case of an emergency.

59. Drinking is to be strictly monitored when at home with the female counterpart and the children (if any).

60. Use of weaponry and disclosure of true profession is denied by Georgia Shadownight, thus discretion is advised when in the company of other family members.



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