The Shadownight Legacy

It's an epistolary XD I hope you guys like it :D


58. 28.v – Thomas’s Conclusion

They married, Tima and Bthash, and has three beautiful (and uninteresting) children. Captain Jerome Cruise offered some protection, being very friendly with Tima, and Normandy became safe by sea. The Dark Captain (as he became known) became quite feared by the Chess Pieces, and he gained much wealth from their sinking, rotting ships.


Tima didn’t immediately give up her ways as a pirate and a mariner. She went off for long periods of time, at sea, but she usually took some of her children with her and passed on her knowledge of sailing to them.

Bthash, on the other hand, enjoyed adventuring around unknown places in Normandy. He’d found a rotting Norman castle and bought it with his ample wealth. He hadn’t done much with the castle, but he often took his children there to share ghost stories and to camp out for the night.


It was, for once – a peaceful existence in the Shadownight household.

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