The Shadownight Legacy

It's an epistolary XD I hope you guys like it :D


54. 28.i - Thomas’s Introduction

[Note: the asterisk (*) marks a footnote made by Midnight Shadownight-Rogue]


William Taylor was a brisk young sailor,

Full of heart and full of play.

Until he did his mind uncover

To a youthful lady gay.


Four-and-twenty British sailors

Met him on the King’s highway.

As he went for to be married –

Brisk he was and sent away.




Sailors clothing she put on,

Went aboard a man-o’-war.

Her pretty little fingers: long and slender –

They were smeared with pitch and tar.


On that ship there was a battle.

She amongst the rest did fight –

The winds blew off her silver buttons:
her breasts were bare and snowy white!




When the captain, he did discover,

He said: “Fair maid! What brought you here?

Sir, I’m seeking William Taylor!

Alas he was by me last year.


If you rise up in the morning,

Early at the break of day.

There you’ll spy young William Taylor –

Walking with his lady gay.




She rose early in the morning,

Early at the break of day –

Here she spied young William Taylor,

Walking with his lady gay.


Oh, she procured a pair of pistols,

On the ground where she did stand:

There she shot poor William Taylor,

And the lady at his right hand.




The woman that shot William Taylor was our Tima Green. With the aid of the captain, she seized this ship and became one of the most feared scourges of the modern sea…



* I removed the chorus. It doesn’t have any intelligible words and it’s more for the fun of the song. The chorus cannot be fully appreciated as a written ballad.

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