The Shadownight Legacy

It's an epistolary XD I hope you guys like it :D


40. 21.i - Midnight’s Introduction

The reviving of the ancient traditions of gladiatorial battles happened shortly after entertainment companies crashed after oil shortages. People had forgotten how to enjoy themselves without the use of technology.


In the beginning, gladiators were predominantly criminals or war-captives. However, as the gory sport became more and more demanding – especially at the Colloseum in Rome – gladiator schools started buying slaves and training them.


Human trafficking was not a legal process, but there was nothing in place to stop it. Often, slavers who were caught were wealthy enough to bribe themselves out of prison or even execution.


Gladiator spectacles – contrary to ancient history – largely ended in death. Whereas in ancient Rome gladiators had up to a 90% chance of surviving a performance; the loser in a modern gladiatorial spectacle almost always died.


However, if a gladiator won twenty-four consecutive battles over seven years during the Olympic season – he would be freed by the Dictator of Italy himself, and personally awarded a home in Italy.


One such gladiator was Bthash Shadownight, the twin brother of X.47…

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