The Shadownight Legacy

It's an epistolary XD I hope you guys like it :D


29. 14 – A Classified Chess Piece Document

Name: Robert Smith, Mr.


Rank: Pawn.


Mentor: Harold Major, White Bishop.


Study Companion: Lisa Holdman, Miss.


Nearest if Kin: N/A


Age at Death: 18 years and 7 months.


Cause of Death: Disembowelment and severe blood-loss caused by prolonged violent engagement with an adversary. Suspected murder/man-slaughter.


Place of Death: Abandoned building in a forest. Several other Chess Piece guards were found dead with him, most killed by arrows at a close range.


Detailed Analysis: The main cause for Mr Smith’s death was severe blood-loss and punctured organs after his adversary had disembowelled him. His body was found in two separate halves, which could have been made by the adversary or by an animal that had wandered in. There are teeth marks in the flesh and the separation of his spine is not a clean cut, it seems to have been broken by pressure – to give credit to the latter theory. There were also some marks on his arms, legs and face – which could have been due to sword-fighting. Mutilations to his face include a missing nose and marks which seemed to have been stabbed in.

Samples of bodily fluid found inside and around the body have been taken and are being tested – these include blood, saliva and urine. In a separate room, signs of torture are present – a wooden chair, broken chains and blood. Samples of these have also been taken and are presently being tested.

Items such as daggers and arrows have been extracted from the bodies to be examined.

– Dr R. Kingsley, PhD.


Suspects: From descriptions obtained by a few, and albeit unreliable witnesses, one suspect comes to mind, newly-recruited Pawn Queenie Shadownight. The secondary marksman who killed the guards is unknown, but is described to be small and slight.


Comment from Mentor: Mr Smith went absent without leave. I did not sanction his departure.

– Mr Harold Major, White Bishop.


Comment from Study Companion: He spoke of Queenie a lot. To him, she was a childhood friend who had hurt him in some way. He never specified. I think the death of his parents due to the fire in their house may have contributed to his rash actions. I saw him leave our dorm, but he didn’t say where he was going. I did not stop him, I did not question him.

– Lisa Holdman, Miss.


Notes: Further investigation has been denied, as Mr Smith has worked outside of Chess Piece interest.

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