The Shadownight Legacy

It's an epistolary XD I hope you guys like it :D


25. – Midnight’s Conclusion

When Crion confessed to the Black Bishop, it became clear that the agenda of the Chess Pieces was not what he had assumed. They intended only grief and mischief on the world, not the righting of wrong in the form of revenge. He had mentioned to the Bishop that he’d killed the woman he had been lured towards and the child that she had been carrying. He was led, that same day, to the gallows and hung before the public eye – for treason. He is remembered for his great works within the Order, but the end of his life is emphasized in a bid to discourage young Pawns from breaking tenets.


Sadly, Pinky Lillian never found the notebook, and retired to a hospice far from the grounds from where she had been born and raised up as a Pawn. She had not one, but two beautiful children – twin boys – and, although they had not been legally wed, she christen them with their father’s surname: Shadownight.

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