The Shadownight Legacy

It's an epistolary XD I hope you guys like it :D


20. 10.i - Midnight’s Intoduction

Many people believed in the end of the world. Different interpretations detailed it happening in several ways, depending on religion and culture, myth and legend, scientific theory and fantastical thought. Believing that the world was going to end was one thing (and, perhaps, even a sensible thing to believe in).


But wanting to speed up the process was another thing altogether.


After the world had declined into a significant level of chaos following the Earth’s oil supply running out, many people had been affected. It caused several violent outbreaks – all over the world – many physical losses, and even caused some severe psychological damage to some people. The suicide rate globally increased on a dramatic scale. Indeed, many people took it as a sign that the apocalypse was near. Some people, however, took it upon themselves to herald it.


One such group of people called themselves the Chess Pieces. They felt that, since the dire drop in advancement and the inevitable scraping of upcoming works, life was no longer worth living. There were pockets of them everywhere, in each kingdom, and they caused mischief and trouble – aiding the start of political dispute and forging wars where they could. In government, you could trust no-one.


One such Chess Piece (and a rather famous one at that) was Crion Shadownight, son of Sir Shagor the Shadow…

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