The best party ever!!!!

One day, Little Miss Goody Two Shoes , finds herself in the most popular party ever. It's basically the party of the century. Only the most famous and popular people in highschool go to it.. And believe me, she wasn't one of those people. But, she found herself to be invited with her friends. The party of the century became the party of her life. The party that would change her life forever. Will she be able to go home with a happy ending? Or find herself to have a head ache to last an eternity? Find if out if the worst can become the best.


2. Chapter two

Ashley's P.O.V

I still can't believe it, I just couldn't. I kept on asking myself since the day I got the invite, "WHY ME? Im the High School Nerd, why would I be invited?". But, Summer kept on telling to shrug it off because what matters is that I get to go to the party of the century with my best-est friends ever! And she was right. So, it's been 3 days since the Locker Surprise and the day that I have been dreading has finally arrived. FRIDAY. THE MASQUERADE BALL. We all have bought our dresses ever since we found out that Hailey, Jayla, and Dylan were invited as well. So, after school we all went over to my house and had our stuff and got ready. After an hour, we finally were ready. I was wearing Summer's outfit was simple yet very elegant, I completely adored it. Then, we laid our eyes on Jayla's outfit , I couldnt believe that she got those in less than 10 minutes of shopping... She's really knew how to dress up. After, we came to see Dylan wearing , She looked really pretty in that! Lastly, we all saw the 'High School Fashionista" wearing , Boy... She earned her high school name.. SHE WAS REALLY GOOD IN PICKING CLOTHES and She looked gorgeous too! After we all put on our masks and memorized each other, since we wouldn't see their faces and just their masks, we hopped into Jayla's red convertible. After 15 minutes of driving, we were finally there. We got off and slowly made our way towards the music and sounds of laughter. There we saw....

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