I Love the Person I Hate

Jayda Jones is starting at a new college. A new start, away from the way person she hates the most: Harry Styles. But when she finds out that he's going to the same college what will she do? This was her chance and now he's ruining it! She wakes up in his bed! To find out that they did 'it'. But did Harry change? Did he like Jayda all along?
Heart broken and torn, Jayda finds another love. Will this love triangle ever play out?


11. Warrior

It's been a week, and Harry has done everything from flowers to chocolates to get me to forgive him. I just can't bring myself to do it. He's hurt me so many times. It's like a circle. A continuos cycle.

Anyway, right now I'm headed to the arena for the Simon Cowell record deals. I'm excited, and very, very happy that I get a chance to show my talent. This is the one thing that isn't Harry Styles involved. I would like to keep it that way.

As I turned onto second street, I realized that I was really nervous. I parked my car and walked into the large building. I identified my name and went to the audition area. I sat down. Then, I heard the familiar faint laugh of a heartbreaker.


He was here? Why? Sure he was very talented but really? The only thing I hoped wasn't Harry related; is.

I wasn't sure before, but now I am. The universe hates me.

Harry's POV

"Okay, boys, just remember if one of us gets famous, we can't forget each other." Niall spoke.

We all nodded. We walked into the huge arena. I was here once for a Katy Perry concert.

There she was; the girl I had remember to forget. The girl who's heart I broke. The girl I still happen to love. She was sitting, wide-eyed, staring right at me. How in the bloody hell could this be happening? I walked over and sat next to her. "Hey." I said quietly. She sent a fake, sad, smile, and nodded.

"Giving me the old silent treatment, eh?" I asked

"Just leave me the hell alone Harry." She begged.

I nodded. "Only if we can talk later?"

She looked defeated. "Okay."

I got up and walked over to the boys. Louis sent me a sympathy smile. I smiled back.

Jayda's POV.

"Okay." An old British man, or Simon spoke. "Everyone here?" "Good."

"We'll start off with Niall Horan." Niall grabbed his guitar and went up to the stage.

"Hi." He greeted. I giggled and waved. "This is an original. It's called You & I." Niall began strumming the chords.

I figured it out. I figured it out from black and white. Seconds and hours. Maybe we had to take some time.

I know how it goes. I know how it goes from wrong and right. Silence and sound. Did they every hold each other tight, like us, did they every fight like us.

You and I . We don't wanna be like them. We can make it til the end. No, nothing can come between you and I. Not even the gods above can separate the two of us. No nothing can come between you and I . Oh you and I .

Niall's song was amazing. His voice was amazing. Holy crap. Little Irish dude can jam! His voice was legit. "WOOO GO NIALL!" I Cheered!

He chuckled and got off stage.

"Excellent, Niall. Next up, Jayda Jones." Simon spoke.

I grabbed the microphone. "This song is a original It's called Warrior." (A/n I know this is by Demi. Just pretend for the story lol) "This is dedicated to a special someone." I began strumming the keys of the piano.

This is a story that I have never told I gotta get this of my chest and let it go. I need to take back the light inside you stole. You're a criminal and you steal like you're a pro.

All the pain and the truth, I wear like a battle wound. So ashamed, so confused. I was broken and bruised.

Now I'm a warrior. Now I've got thicker skin. I'm a warrior I'm strong than I've ever been. And my armor is made of steel, you can't get in. I'm a warrior and you can never hurt me again.

Out of the ashes I'm burning like a fire. You can save your apologies you're nothing but a liar. I've got shame I've got scars but I will never show. I'm a survivor in more ways than you know

Cause all the pain and the truth I wear like a battle wound. So ashamed and confused I'm not broken or bruised.

Cause now I'm a warrior. Now I've got thicker skin. I'm a warrior. I'm stronger than I've ever been and my armor is made of steel, you can't get in. I'm warrior and you can never hurt me.

There's a part of me I can't get back. A little girl grew up too fast. All it took was once I'll never be the same. Now I'm taking back my life today. Nothing left that you can say cuz you were never gonna take the blame anyway.

Now I'm a warrior. I've got thicker skin. I'm a warrior. I'm stronger than I've ever been and my armor is made of steel you can't get in. I'm a warrior and you can never hurt me again.

No oh. Yeah yeah.

You can never hurt me again.

Everyone cheered and clapped except Harry. He just stared at me. I got off the stage and sat back down.

Liam, Louis, and Zayn all went. Then it was Harry. "This song is called Irresistable."

Don't try to make me stay, or ask if I'm okay. I don't have the answer. Don't make me stay the night or ask if I'm alright. I did have the answer. Heartache doesn't last forever I'll say I'm fine. Midnight ain't no time for laughing when you say goodbye. It makes your lips so kissable and your kiss unmissable your fingertips so touchable and eyes irresistible.

After he was finished, I felt tears. He made eye contact with me the entire time, as I did with him. We practically just told our feeling through song. I felt like breaking down but I couldn't. Not at an audition.

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