I Love the Person I Hate

Jayda Jones is starting at a new college. A new start, away from the way person she hates the most: Harry Styles. But when she finds out that he's going to the same college what will she do? This was her chance and now he's ruining it! She wakes up in his bed! To find out that they did 'it'. But did Harry change? Did he like Jayda all along?
Heart broken and torn, Jayda finds another love. Will this love triangle ever play out?


13. Don't Deserve You

- 1 week later -

I woke up and showered for school. I was flying out to London for boot camp in two weeks. I picked out a leather jacket, black shirt, black skinny jeans, and black heels to wear. I put my hair in a top knot and did a smokey eye.

After the whole thing with Harry at auditions, he's been avoiding me. Why? I don't know to be honest. It's like he's did something wrong. When I try to ask him about it he just shuts me out.

I hopped in my Ferrari and drove down the campus to the school. I parked my car and walked to the cafe to Starbucks. I ordered a caramel mocha and walked to my first class. Angela and Nikki had to leave for home for a month. Their parents got a divorce and their mom needed them, so I was alone. I felt bad for them, they're parents were perfect. I guess not.

I got my binder from my locker and walked to first period. I was second in class, Niall being the first. "Hey." He smiled. "Hey, what's up?" I asked. "The ceiling." He replied. "Very funny."

I waited for Harry to enter the classroom. When he did, he looked at everyone but me. Honestly, what the hell did I do? I pulled out my phone to text him.

J- Can we talk?

H- I guess :/

J- meet me at Urth during our break.

H- Okay. :p


The bell rung for our break. I walked to the Urth Cafe and sat down at a booth. Five minutes passed and Harry finally walked in.

"Hi." He said and sat down.

"Why are you ignoring me?" I ask.

"Way to get straight to the point." He chuckled.

"Seriously, Harry. Did I do something wrong?" I ask.

He shook his head. "No of course not."

"Then why are you avoiding me?" I ask.

"I'm not." He defended.

I rolled my eyes. "Then what do you call shutting me out, ignoring my texts and calls, looking at everyone in the room except me?" I ask.

He mumbled something.

"What?" I ask.

"I don't deserve you okay? You're so sweet, beautiful and talented, and I keep breaking your heart. Over and over again. I love you. And I don't want to hurt you! So I'm choosing to leave you alone! I'm sorry for everything!" He shouts.

"Harry, none of that is true-"

"Yes it is! All of it! Do me a favor, babe. Find someone who can make you happy, and don't let them go. I love you. See you around." With that he got up and left. I sat there and cried and cried. I didn't care if I skipped classes.


I felt someone shaking me. "Ma'am, you have to go. We're closing in five." The lady shook me. I realized I was still in the cafe. "I'm sorry." I said. She smiled and I walked to my car. I got in and started crying again. Grasping the steering wheel. I've never seen myself so broken. I drove home and rushed to my room. I walked and and stood in the middle of it. I screamed and threw everything.

I broke almost everything and kicked and punched the walls. I fell to my knees and began to cry.

I can't believe I've lost him.

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