I Love the Person I Hate

Jayda Jones is starting at a new college. A new start, away from the way person she hates the most: Harry Styles. But when she finds out that he's going to the same college what will she do? This was her chance and now he's ruining it! She wakes up in his bed! To find out that they did 'it'. But did Harry change? Did he like Jayda all along?
Heart broken and torn, Jayda finds another love. Will this love triangle ever play out?


5. Ch.5 When You Have A Bad Day

Ch.5 When You Have A Bad Day


Jayda's P.O.V.

Beep beep beep. The sound if my 7:00 AM alarm woke me up. It was time for school. I got up and went to my shower.

After I got out of the shower, I went to get my outfit. I wore my black high waisted shorts with my white crop top. I put on my combat boots and curled my hair. I did full makeup. I pulled out my phone to check the time. 8:23 AM. I had enough time for breakfast. I rushed downstairs to grab a grapefruit and yogurt. I washed my bowl out and put it back in the cupboard. "Ten minutes to get to class." Angela shouted. "Coming!" I shouted back. I grabbed my bag and raced to my car.

We arrived to creative writing on time. The class was boring. The teacher did the 'syllabus' routine and we were all practically sleeping. The bell rung. "That's all we have time for." Mr. Sawyer stated the obvious. I grabbed my things and went across campus to Arithmetics. That was a big word. Why not just call it maths. I arrived and took my seat next to Nikki. Harry walked in and sat next to me. "Hello, love." He said. "Umm hi." I said and turned back to the board. She handed out books and told us to sign our names. I did as I was told. I was definitely avoiding Harry Styles. But he seemed to not get the hint.

"You can't just ignore me forever." He whispered. So maybe he did get the hint.

"Watch me." I told him.

But in reality, I didn't want to ignore him. Rephrase, I didn't want to have I ignore him. Which meant, I wish I didn't let him in in the first place. I knew this would happen, the result of me getting hurt or annoyed. The break bell sounded. Signaling that we had fifteen minutes to use the restroom or just hang around until class resumed. I walked over to a bench and put my headphones in. The words of Mmm Yeah by Austin Mahone began to play. I suddenly felt a presence. I looked over to see Harry sitting next to me. He had sadness, and hope filled in his eyes. I paused my music. "May I help you?" I asked. "There's a party tonight at my flat. Will you come?" He asked. "I'll think about it." I told him. "I'll text you the flat number if you decide to show up." He said while pulling out his phone.

Just then my phone buzzed.

Flat 163. See you there, love. xx

I nodded and he walked off. I checked my watch. Still 10 minutes left of chilling.

Right now would be the time to ask myself. What do I do? He's confessed his love for me. And I can't deny my feelings for him. I can't call it love. I just can't. I can not bring myself to love him. Maybe I do love him and I'm just not admitting it?

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