I Love the Person I Hate

Jayda Jones is starting at a new college. A new start, away from the way person she hates the most: Harry Styles. But when she finds out that he's going to the same college what will she do? This was her chance and now he's ruining it! She wakes up in his bed! To find out that they did 'it'. But did Harry change? Did he like Jayda all along?
Heart broken and torn, Jayda finds another love. Will this love triangle ever play out?


2. Ch.2 On the Wall

Ch.2 On the Wall


We went back to my flat to just chill out. "Let's play spin the bottle." Zayn suggested. We all nodded. I came back with a beer bottle. I spun it and it landed in Harry. Oh my freaking gosh. "Come ere pretty boy." I said rolling my eyes. He pressed his lips against mine and I felt a spark. Shivers went down my spine. Wait hold up. IM SUPPOSED TO HATE HIM. Ugh. I kissed him back and then pulled away. I winked and him then sat down. I think the universe secretly hates me. But I felt something in that kiss. I needed to use the loo. "I have to use the loo. Excuse me." I said. I walked to the bathroom. I splashed some cold water on my face. I left the bathroom and I was pushed up against the wall. By Harry. "What the hell, Harry?" I asked him pushing him off me. "I know you felt what I did." He said. "What are you talking about?" I asked him. I knew exactly what he was talking about. "That kiss. I know you felt what I felt. I know that you hate me but at the same time you can't deny that feeling." He said coming closer. I felt his head for effect. "I think your sick. I would never love the person I hate." I said. "Jayda-" he said. I cut him off. "Can you move please?" I asked him walking away.

I went back to the living room. Zayn and Niall held my hands. "You okay love?" Niall asked me. I nodded and shot Harry a death glare. I looked over to Angela and Nikki. "Meet me in the kitchen gals?" I asked. They nodded and got up, as did I. They were the only other ones who knew what happened that day, how I changed. They stuck with me through it all. Like a best friend should. I began saying, "I hate him. I think. I shouldn't be questioning this. I felt something when he kissed me, though." I whispered to them. "I know, we saw it in your eyes." Nikki whispered back. "But I couldn't have." I said. "Maybe it's time I forgive and forget?" Angela said in more of a question. "It's not that easy." I said. I couldn't just forgive him after all he's put me through. "Stop being so stubborn and look what's right in front of you." Nikki whispered. I rolled my eyes. "Why are you taking his side?" I asked. "We're not. We're just saying that maybe he's changed." Angela said. "Yeah. Okay." I said sarcastically. I walked to the living room. "Who wants pizza?" I asked. "I DO." Niall shouted. I laughed at him. "What kind?" I asked. "Pepperoni and Cheese." Liam said. I nodded and called the pizza place. "Put fifteen minutes on your timer." I said. They nodded.

The pizza guy got here. One more stinking minute and it would've been free! I groaned and went to get the door. I payed him and went to the lounge. "Pizza!" I shouted. They all came downstairs. I had already gotten my piece because I knew that it's be gone. As I thought, it was. "If anyone's still hungry there's there's sandwiches in the fridge." I said. They all nodded.

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