I Love the Person I Hate

Jayda Jones is starting at a new college. A new start, away from the way person she hates the most: Harry Styles. But when she finds out that he's going to the same college what will she do? This was her chance and now he's ruining it! She wakes up in his bed! To find out that they did 'it'. But did Harry change? Did he like Jayda all along?
Heart broken and torn, Jayda finds another love. Will this love triangle ever play out?


1. Ch.1 First Day

Ch.1 First Day


I woke up and stretched. I went to let the sunlight in my room. Today was my first day at my new college. The Academy of Preforming Arts. Yes it is a five star school. It took all of my savings and birthday money since I was seven, with the help of my parents, and my part time job. I was born in a very successful family. Both my mother and father are big time lawyers, but my mum wanted me to stay grounded. So she made me work for what I wanted. Tough, I know, but it actually put me where I am today so I kind of have to thank her.

I went to go get breakfast. I lived in the campus apartments with my two best friends Angela and Nikki. We've been a 'clique' since before I could count. "Morning Girls!" I beamed while pour some cereal. "Morning. You as excited as we are?" Angela asked. Her and Nikki were identical twins. They were absolutely gorgeous. Long blonde hair and bright green eyes. Built like a kardashian. "Definitely!" I squealed. Jumping up and down.

After breakfast I went to shower. Every campus apartment had 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. The bathrooms each had a shower and a bathtub. The shower was a speaker shower. Which meant you could listen to music on YouTube because there was a mini computer If you wanted to watch the video. I put on my favorite song at the time while I washed shampoo out of my hair. "Focused, I'm focused, she gotta body like that ain't never seen nothing like that uh uh." I sang to Justin Bieber's Confident.

Once I got out of the shower. I went to choose my outfit. What could I possibly wear? What outfit says 'I'm here to achieve my dream?'. I don't think I have an outfit for that. I laughed in my head. I chose a high waisted skirt with a ban-doe. I wore my brown booties and an oversized sweater. I let down my long brown hair and brushed out all the tangles. I blow dried it and curled it with a bandana on top. I did natural makeup, with a neude eye look to make my big baby blue eyes pop. I added some jewelry. Perfect. I looked at myself in the mirror. I grabbed my bag and went to my car. Angela and Nikki were already in the passenger and back seat when I went outside. I got in and drove about five minutes to the campus. I parked and we got out. We went to the administration office to get our schedules. I walked in the office. "Names, please." She said. This lady looked familiar. "Aunt Jen?" I asked. "Jayda. Oh it's you! Your mother told me I watch out for you!" I laughed. "Well here I am." I said. "Okay. Jayda Jones, Angela Brooks, and Nicole Brooks. Here you go." She said. The girls and I had all the same classes together. We had certain classes on certain days.


Drama Terretta, Diane 9:00 - 10:30


Music. Sites, Dave 10:45 - 12:15

Lunch 12:15 - 1:15


Writing Sawyer, Henri 9:00 - 10:30

Arithmetic Hartford, Cindy 10:45-12:15

Lunch 12:15 - 1:15


Singing Baxter, Terrance 9:00 - 10:30

English Adams, Amanda 10:45 - 12:15

Lunch 12:15 - 1:15

Semester 1 Schedule

That was cool. At least there was only class three times a week and at reasonable times. I think I'm going to like this college. We were off to drama. Somewhat. The girls and I had no idea where we were going. I was looking down at my schedule. I felt myself bump into someone. My papers flew everywhere. "Oh my! I'm so sorry!" I said. It was my fault. I should've been watching where I was going. "It's okay. My fault." He said. I looked up to see a very cute guy with blond hair and amazing blue eyes. "I'm Niall." He said. "Jayda." I replied shaking his hand. "Here you go, beautiful." He said handing me my papers. I blushed. "Thanks." I said. "Where ya headed?" He asked. He had the cutest Irish Accent. "Umm, drama with Terretta." I said smiling. "Me too. Need help?" He asked. "Yeah I have no clue where it is." I said. He guided the girls and I to the class.

When we got there I sat down.

"All freshman, stand please." Mrs. Terretta said.

I stood along with about twelve other people.

"Say your name, age, and then sing your favorite song." The teacher said.

I was first. "You!" A boy with brown hair said. "Your hot." He said in a deep voice. The whole class laughed including me.

"I'm Jayda Jones, I'm 20. Hey there Delilah, what's it like in New York City I'm a thousand miles away but girl tonight you look so pretty yes you do. Times Square can't shine as bright as you." I began to sing Hey There Delilah. The class clapped and I sat down. Next was Niall. Interesting. "Hello. I'm Niall Horan, I'm 20, Baby when they look up at the sky, we'll be shooting stars just passin by." He started to sing Neon Lights. He was amazing. We all clapped. Next was a brown haired boy with amazing brown eyes. "Hey, I'm Zayn Malik." He winked at me. Oh god was I getting a lot of attention today. "I'm 21, You're on the phone with your boyfriend he's upset he's going off about something that you said." He started singing his version of You Belong With Me. Next was the funny guy who called me 'hot'. "Hello Fellow Earthlings, I'm Louis Tomlinson. The swagmaster from Doncaster. I'm 22. Oh it's what you do to me." He sang the same song I did. Next was a guy as well. These guys seemed to know each other. "I'm Liam Payne. I'm 21. Focused I'm focused, she gotta body like that ain't never seen nothing like that uh uh." He started singing Confident. He was really cute. The next guy that stood up made my whole day crash. It was the person I hated. Did he really have to go to this school? This was my new beginning. Away from him. He stood up. "Hey. I'm Harry Styles. I'm 20 Isn't she lovely, isn't she wonderful." He sang isn't she lovely. You see, Harry was my best friend once. But then, one time, I was being bullied. The girl was calling me names. Harry was dating her at the time. She called me fat and ugly. She asked Harry if this was true and he nodded. HE NODDED. My best friend agreed that I was fat and ugly. Since then I've hated him. He's tried to say sorry but I ignored him. Telling him that I hated him. I was depressed after that. I became anorexic and I cut myself. But now I've gained weight and I'm as happy as can be.

After everyone introduced themselves. We got assigned partners for the semester. "Angela and Tom." The teacher said. I hope I get Nikki. Please let me get Nikki. "Jayda and Harry." She said. OH COME ON. Really of all people I get stuck with him.

Yeah, my life sucked.

Ang and Nikki turned to me as if to give me a 'sorry love' look.

Harry walked over to me. "Hey, Jayda." He said. I laughed slightly. "Fuck you." I said back to him. He put me through so much and he thinks he can just prance in here and be my friend? Pfft. Okay. I was in bitch mode so he better not say something I don't like. He turned away. "Look, I'm sorry." He said. I turned to him. "Look, I came here to pay attention and to achieve my dream. I don't have time for this, Harold." I told him. I wasn't dealing with this bullshit right now. This was going to be one long semester. After Drama and Instrumental Music, which Harry was in as well, Angela and Nikki and I were headed for lunch at the cafe. "Jayda!" I turned to see Liam and the rest of the boys from class, including Harry. "Hey." I smiled at him. But he couldn't tell it was a fake smile because I had my sunglasses on. "Wanna join us for lunch?" Zayn asked me. "Umm sure." I said. Angela and Nikki had boyfriends so I was the only single one. We went to go grab lunch. I sat next the girls. As far away from Harry as possible. "So what are you girls doing tomorrow?" Niall asked me. "Chilling at the flat." I said. "Mind if we come over?" He asked. I really didn't care. They were such nice guys. "Not at all." I smiled. Harry seemed distant from the whole conversation. I doubt the boys knew that he knew me. I was finishing my Starbucks an playing flappy bird. I lost. "BALL SACKS!" I shouted in frustration. I forgot I was in public and everyone looked at me. We all laughed. "What just happened?" Louis asked me laughing. "I.. Lost on flappy bird." I said innocently. They all laughed at me. Including Harry. I felt a hand in my thigh. I looked to see it was Harry's hand. I quickly got up. Making sure his hand was away from me. "You guys ready?" I asked. They all nodded. "Follow my car, it's the red Ferrari." I said winking. I walked out with the girls behind me.

Harry's P.O.V.

When I saw her today, I just wanted to wrap her in my arms and tell her how sorry I was. I've always had a crush on her. She was so freaking beautiful. Her personality was amazing. So bubbly and cheeky. She was mature yet immature. She was perfect. That day, I didn't mean to nod, I wasn't really listening to what she was saying, I had grown I be annoyed by her. I just wanted her to stop talking. But when I realized what I nodded to, I immediately wanted to take it back. But I hurt her. What's done is done. I just want her to forgive me. I put my hand on her thigh. She jumped up. "You guys ready?" She asked. We all nodded. "Follow my car, it's the red Ferrari." She said with a wink. That was so hot. We got up and left the cafe.

Jayda's P.O.V.

I pulled up to my flat. I checked the rear view mirror to see the boys behind me in a Range Rover. I unlocked the door and entered the living room. I quickly went to to my room to put my bag down and came back. "Welcome to our campus flat!" I said. I heard the boys say a some words such as "nice" and "cool" I went to the fridge. "Anyone want a drink?" I asked. Louis raise his hand slightly. "Water please?" He asked. I nodded and handed him the bottle of water. "So I was thinking, why don't we all see a movie?" I asked. They nodded. "Let me go see what's playing. Uhh make yourselves at home!" I said. I walked to my room and opened my laptop. I hear my door open and I looked to see it was Harry. This guy just won't quit. "Hey." He mumbled. "Hey?" I said in more of a question. "So what are we seeing?" Harry asked. "I was thinking Catching Fire. It starts in two hours. Then we can just hang around the mall." I said. "Sounds good." He said. It went silent for a second. I decided to break it. "Look Harry, I don't know what your trying to do but it's kind of annoying." I said. "Oh! I'm just trying to get you to forgive me." He said with a smirk. "Yeah, not gonna happen." I shut my laptop and went to the living room. "Catching Fire in two hours." I shouted. "YES!" Louis shouted. I laughed. "Who wants to play C.O.D.?" I asked. "You're beautiful and you play video games? I think I'm in love." Niall said patting his heart. I giggled and blushed. "I wonder if you'll think the same after I kick your ass at this video game?" I asked. "You're on." Niall said winking.

After the game was over I stood up and shouted. "I won!" I wiggled my bum and jumped in the air.

"That." Niall started. "Was." Louis said. "Hot" Zayn and Liam said in unison. I smiled and turned on some music. We had surround sound hooked up on our telly. "Karaoke?" I asked. They all nodded. "What song?" I asked. "Stay The Night." Nikki shouted. I nodded. We all sang the song and did pretty well.

"Come on movie starts in like 30 seconds!" I said to everyone. They were taking forever at the snack station and we were gonna miss the movie.

I walked to the theater and sat down. The boys all looked at each other and raced to sit next to me. I ended up sitting next to Zayn and Harry. Louis, Niall, Liam, Nikki, and Angela left to right behind me. The thought occurred to me. Harry actually raced to sit next to me. How sweet. Wait what? Did I really just think that? The movie started and I had my head on Zayn. I was crying. This movie was emotional. Zayn was holding me. His arms were strong.

After the movie I felt myself being picked up by Liam. "Uhh hi there." I said giggling. "Hey." He chuckled. "What umm. What are you doing." I asked. "Giving you a piggy back ride." I laughed. "Where are we going?" I asked. "Where ever you want to." I nodded. "Drop me off at Urban Outfitters please." I said. He ran acting like he was an airplane and I laughed the whole way. He put me down so I could shop. I could see the rest of the boys were jealous. But why? Nikki and Ang were just as beautiful, if not more. But they were taken. And them constantly calling their boyfriends gave that away. I was the only single one. Which left five guys chasing after me. One of them I hated. At least I think I hate Harry? Do I ? After today it's being questioned.

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