When Paige's brother, Ashton gets in a band, Paige meets Luke. Will Paige and Luke start dating? What will happen to Luke and Ashton's friendship?
Credit to Sassyas for the cover


25. No way?

*three month time change.*

Vic and I are a couple now. I only keep In touch with Michael and Ashton. I heard that Luke found some slut called Maiziy. Maiziy dated everybody in school. Luke knows what he's getting himself into.

"Vic?" I ask.

"Yeah?" He replies, looking at me.

"What are you gonna do when you leave for tour? Are you just gonna leave me?" I ask.

"No. The way you worded that. No. I would never just abandon you. We are just going around Australia. You can just skype us everynight. Okay?" He smiles.

"Okay." I say back. I get up and go to the bathroom. Yes, I still live in the same house as Luke. It was my house first. I just ignore him anytime he talks to me. He is always with Maiziy. She always glares at me and I flip her off.

I go downstairs and get some cereal.

"Paige listen I ha-" Luke says but I interrupt him.

"No. I said I never want to talk to you again. I meant it. You're the reason I cut again. Do you realize the pain you caused me? Vic is the only happy thing in my life. He's the only light anymore. I'm happy it's him not you. You just ruined my life. Just go and have sex with Maiziy. You do it all the time anyway." I say with tears rushing down my face. I step on his foot and walk upstairs. I go into my room and hug Vic while I sob.

"I hate him. I hate him so much." I sob.

"Hey it's okay. Do you wanna go to the studio and write some songs with Tony and I?" He says while hugging me.

"Yeah." I get up and put some shorts on and a Pierce the Veil shirt. I get in Vic's car and we go to the studio.


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