When Paige's brother, Ashton gets in a band, Paige meets Luke. Will Paige and Luke start dating? What will happen to Luke and Ashton's friendship?
Credit to Sassyas for the cover


29. fine you win.


Fine you guys win. I'll update. Ugh! You always win!!:)


So I wake up next to Vic. I sat up and checked my phone. No new messages. I got up and went to the bathroom. I looked in my mirror and cringed at the sight of the rats nest that is my hair. I brush it out, then straighten it.

"I'm ready to face the day." I say to myself. I look down at my wrist. It had scars, and scabs. I grabbed my blade. I pressed it over an old scar and drug it across my wrist. I winced as I started going deeper.

Crap. I went too deep. I could tell. Blood was everywhere. I put a paper towel over my cut and walk to Vic.

"Vic? Wake up. I need help." I say waking him up.

"Paige? What's up?" He says rolling over.

"Don't get mad at me. I cut again and I went really deep I need to go to the ER. Now." I say panicking slightly.

Vic jumped up and looked at my wrist.

"God. Oh god. I don't have my car. We're gonna have to use Lukes'. I'll go get him" he runs to Lukes' room.

I run downstairs while applying pressure. God I really did go deep. I was feeling really dizzy.

"Vic? Hurry up I'm dizzy!" I shout.

"Luke has to drive us. I can't find my wallet." He says grabbing my waist.

"C'mon. She's bleeding out!" Luke yells. That's the last thing I remember.


*two weeks later*

Luke's POV.

Vic left for an emergency tour in America. He'll be gone for 6 months. Maybe I'll get Paige back. If she wakes up. Honestly, I'm scared to death she's gonna literally hate me. I know she doesn't.

"You're like perfection,

Some kind of holiday,

You've got me thinking,

That we could run away,

You want, I'll take you there,

You tell me when and where. " I sang quietly.

Paige's eyes flutter open. Her beautiful grey eyes showing for the first time in weeks.



Authors note.

You guys are probably mad at me. This is the end of this book. BUT! I will be making a sequel. So become a fan of me to see it. I love you guys so much and you have gotten me so far. I thought only 16 People were gonna read this and I'm here almost at 400. THATS CRAZY!!!! Thank you so much.

Love ya,

M. .

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