When Paige's brother, Ashton gets in a band, Paige meets Luke. Will Paige and Luke start dating? What will happen to Luke and Ashton's friendship?
Credit to Sassyas for the cover


22. don't let me sink.

Paige's POV

"Don't let me sink." I say.

"Yeah. It's a long story. I'll tell you when we're alone." He whispers as I hug him.

"Look. I got it on my same wrist." I showed him my dandelion.

"Like OMG. We're twins." Ashton says sarcastically. I noticed Ashton's wrist. It had five tally marks, or the 5SOS symbol.

"YOU GOT ONE TOO!?" I say surprised. He has never been this much of a rebel before.

"Yeah." He says.


*at home cuz I'm too lazy to do the car ride*

"OMG. MICHAEL!" I yell. I haven't seen him in forever.

"Hi Paige. Ashton. Luke." He nods.

"Good to see you mate." Ashton and Luke say in unison. We all hug him.

"Where's Calum been?" I asked.

"He's been with his girly friend." Michael said.

"Ooh. When do we meet this fine female?" I ask.

"Ive already met her so....yesterday." Luke said.

"Oh. Okay. I'm gonna go to my room and let my wrist rest." I say.

"LOVE YOU!" Luke yells and tackles me.

"LUCIFER!!!" I joke.

"DEMON!" He jokes back.

"Night!!" I say and run upstairs.


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