When Paige's brother, Ashton gets in a band, Paige meets Luke. Will Paige and Luke start dating? What will happen to Luke and Ashton's friendship?
Credit to Sassyas for the cover


6. chapter 4

We came home tired. I put my skate board in my bedroom and walk downstairs to Luke in the kitchen.

"You should name your dog Ketchup." He says petting her.

"Why...?" I ask.

"Because you should." He said. I shrug it off.

"Her names Molly. I've had her for years. She's 6." I say smiling. I've had her since I was 11. We got her as a baby.

"She's so lovable." Luke said hugging her.

"Yup. Wanna see something?" I ask. He nods.

"Watch. Molly sit up!" She sat up. "Bang!" She fell to the floor.

"She's 'dead' until you give her a treat." I go to the treats and give her one.

"Let's watch a movie! How bout Mama?" I say dragging him into the theatre room. His eyes widened.

"You have a movie room?!?!" He says really happy.

"Yeah. Ashton didn't tell you? We had an extra room, so we made it a theatre room. Nice. Isn't it?" I ask. He nods.

"So you wanna watch Mama?" He asks. I nod. I grab the movie, and go into the projector room.

"It has a projector room?!?!" He asks. I nod once more. I put in Mama and we sit down. I laugh at all the scary parts.

"You don't go in there! Are you stupid?!?" I yell. She goes and sure enough dies. I go into the little mini kitchen in the room and grab sour patch kids. I grab popcorn for Luke too. He smiles and takes it. As I start eating my lip was killing me.



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