When Paige's brother, Ashton gets in a band, Paige meets Luke. Will Paige and Luke start dating? What will happen to Luke and Ashton's friendship?
Credit to Sassyas for the cover


12. Chap7

Hey guys. Quick authors note!!! I am aware its Saturday. I was with Zack's family yesterday. We were planning the funeral. Sorry. Now to the story!!!

I woke up to thunder. Lots of it. I shook Luke to wake him up.

"Do we have school?" I ask. He grabs his phone, and checks the weather.

"Nope. Apparently it's unsafe." He says half asleep.

"Okay. What do you wanna do?" I ask.

"We could watch movies..." He says dragging the s.

"Okay. I heard catching fire came out on DVD today. I could rent it on AppleTV." I say getting up.

"Okay. Where has Ashton been?" He asks looking around.

"He's been with Elizabeth, his girlfriend." I said. He nods. I take him to the film room. I kiss his nose when we sit down.

"Do you wanna rent it while I get in comfy clothes?" I ask.

"Um, sure. You press this right?" He shows me.

"Yup!" I nod.

I run upstairs. I grab a Doctor Who shirt. It had Matt Smith, And David Tennant. It gave me feels. Anyway, I also put on just leggings. Then being the weird person I am, I put on my TARDIS Beanie and socks on.

"Kay. I'm done!" I shout and run downstairs.


I change my mind. I'm only gonna update once a week, but it will be long, unlike this. Sorry if I got you excited. The day I update is Saturday. Hope this works with all of you. And thanks for reading. I only expected 10 people to read. But right now I'm at 41! If you want comment plot twist I could do. I'll give you a shout out if I choose your plot twist. Thanks for understanding.

Love ya, M.

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